Dumb Bank Robber Returns to Scene of Crime, Says He Didn't Get Enough Money

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You'd think this would be bank-robbing 101: If you get away with it, don't return to the scene of the crime. And definitely don't go back to the bank if you're going to complain that the money you just stole wasn't quite enough.

That's what Arthur Bundrage did in Syracuse, New York, on Monday, the Huffington Post tells us.

Bundrage went into a bank at around 9 a.m. and demanded the tellers give him $20,000. He left to count his cash but realized he had been shortchanged. So he did what any angry customer would do and marched right back to demand his cash.

He was knocking on the bank's doors for a while when police caught and arrested him.

Bundrage is far from the first careless and just plain stupid bank robber.

In 2010, a Connecticut bank robber tried to save some time by calling ahead to make sure the tellers would have cash on hand when he arrived, according to NBCNews.com.

The scheming criminals weren't even shy about their intentions. They simply told the bank to have a bag of cash at the ready because they were coming to steal it.

Ten minutes later, when the 27-year-old and 16-year-old heisters arrived, the police were on their way to arrest the two.

One 2002 bank robbery in Iran might top them all.

A sorcerer told a robber he was invisible-and the burglar believed it, then went to try and rob a bank, Metro tells us.

He walked into the bank and started just grabbing money from customers. Of course, the customers were well aware that there was a very visible and identifiable person swiping their cash, so they fought back and held onto their money.

The poor criminal, however, lost out big-time: He paid the con-artist wizard about $625 for the fake invisibility services.

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