The Dust Settles at Cloud Expo West

The Dust Settles at Cloud Expo West

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The Dust Settles at Cloud Expo West

Like many, I see cloud computing following the big bang theory. For every historically disruptive new technology like automobiles, movies, the telephone and personal computers, there was an evolutionary cycle – an exciting but chaotic blast of new technology with numerous providers followed by standardization and a crystallization of the major players into the pillars of the industry. My experiences at Cloud Expo West last week showed me that cloud computing is shifting phases moving where ecosystem galaxies are forming.  Cloud based software is evolving from a small set of applications to larger, more diverse and complex workloads.  Developers are now discovering not just the things you can do in the cloud but the things you should do in the cloud.  We are moving from an age of IT managers concerned about getting fired for running production apps in the cloud to being fired for not running production apps in the cloud.

After my session, “Driving Innovation Through the Cloud,” I kept hearing the comment “I didn’t know HP had such a broad cloud vision for the enterprise.”  It shouldn’t really be surprising that HP is all over the enterprise cloud.  HP has a lot of experience in cloud technologies as well as deploying private clouds for large customers.  It is a natural progression for us to help our enterprise customers migrate their workloads to the public cloud.

As our public cloud partner ecosystem galaxy has evolved (we already have over 100 partners) the scope and quality of our partner solutions increases our gravity which in turn pulls in more and more partners that offer services for big data, orchestration, high availability, security and disaster recovery.  At least a dozen companies came up to me wanting to partner with HP Cloud Services.

Killer ecosystems are to the cloud what killer apps are to computers.  I remember the early days of PCs when people wondered why anyone would want to have a PC in their home.  What could they possibly use it for?  The killer apps of spreadsheets, word processing and ultimately the web browser transformed a luxury into a necessity.  Killer ecosystems that can dramatically accelerate deployment while increasing reliability are now making the cloud a business necessity.  I am looking forward to increasing our gravitational pull so that after my next conference session, the audience is more surprised about our new capabilities than our enterprise cloud vision.

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