• Jon Stewart steps away from comedy gold as U.S. election heats up

    Heartbroken fans are wishing Jon Stewart a “jonvovage” on Twitter, but Donald Trump and the other 2016 U.S. presidential candidates may be breathing a sigh of relief. Stewart steps down from “The Daily Show” on Thursday after 16 years of biting political and media satire just as the presidential…

  • Rieder: No way to pick a debate lineup

    Using public opinion polls to determine the debate roster is wrong on many levels.

  • Speed-Dating the Republican Candidates

    I just finished watching the first "candidates' forum" (don't call it a debate!) of the season, where 14 of the 17 Republicans running for president all appeared on the same stage in New Hampshire. The "one person on the stage at a time" format was an odd one, meant to get around the Republican…

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  • There’s Top-Heavy Super PACs, And There’s Super Top-Heavy Super PACs

    Most of the 2016 presidential candidates have at least one super PAC supporting them. And while almost all of those super PACs have raised the majority of their money from a small group of big contributors, there are still some differences among the donor bases. The 5 percent of donors who gave the…

  • S.African court postpones Malema corruption trial

    Firebrand South African politician Julius Malema on Monday demanded his day in court after his long-delayed trial for corruption was once again postponed, three years after he was initially charged. Malema, who heads the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), is accused of fraud, corruption,…

  • Jeb Bush: The fact that Paul Krugman disagrees with me 'warms my heart'

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Monday repeated a goal of 4% GDP growth and said the fact that...

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  • Colbert's first 'Late Show' promos feature Mitt Romney, puppies

    EntertainmentColbert’s first ‘Late Show’ promos feature Mitt Romney, puppies

  • Here's All You Need to Know About the Candidates in Thursday's GOP Debate

    Ten of the Republican Party candidates for president will participate in the first debate of the 2016 Presidential Campaign on Thursday in Cleveland, Ohio.Fox News, the official network of the GOP, has announced the names of nine of the candidates in the debate.

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  • Biden's the dove and Hillary's the hawk on foreign policy

    If Vice President Joe Biden runs for president, his candidacy will surely expose a pair of vulnerabilities Hillary Clinton has largely been able to hide in her second run for the presidency: The former secretary of state is more hawkish than the Democratic base, and she was a leading advocate for…

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    Donald Trump is Frontrunner for the Republican Party

    Stakes are high as candidates gear up for the debate.

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  • Bill blocked: Defunding Planned Parenthood fails in Senate

    Republican legislation to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood failed to gather enough support in the U.S. Senate on Monday, halting, at least for now, moves to punish the reproductive health group for its role in gathering fetal tissue from abortions for medical research. Senate…

  • Here's Why One Pollster Won't Help Fox Decide Who Makes The Debate

    Fox News is leaving it up to the polls to decide which candidates will make it to the main debate stage. Some pollsters don’t like that very much.Fox has said it'll use an average of the last five national polls conducted using “traditional” methodology to determine which 10 of the 17 GOP…

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  • Sri Lankan Tamils push for autonomy and justice

    The road blocks and military checkpoints are gone, and the restrictions on foreign tourists and journalists visiting the area have been lifted. Jaffna voted overwhelmingly in January's presidential election to oust the strongman incumbent Mahinda Rajapakse, who maintained de facto martial law in…

  • Republicans Flail at N.H. Cattle Call

    Three piped-in senators. Rick Perry calling the moderator the wrong name. And no future President Trump. Monday night’s forum is a sad harbinger of an epically painful primary season.

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  • Bobby Jindal Says Sanctuary City Mayors Should Be Arrested

    If it were up to GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal, mayors of "sanctuary cities" would all be arrested and sued.In an interview with Boston Herald Radio on Monday, the Louisiana governor took a firm stance against those cities and counties that refuse to fully cooperate with Immigration and…

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  • Trump Card?

    Much to the delight of political pundits, Democrats, and roughly one in five Republican voters, Donald Trump has taken the Presidential election season by storm, peddling his version of the "Straight Talk Express" from the Mexico border to the moneyed lobbies of his myriad properties and golf…

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  • Tanzanian opposition pick ex-prime minister for presidential race

    Tanzania's four main opposition parties chose ex-prime minister Edward Lowassa as a joint presidential candidate Tuesday, three months ahead of a general election scheduled for October 25. Lowassa had joined the race earlier this month to run as the CCM's presidential candidate, where he was seen…