• Outgoing president's party leads Uruguay contest

    MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — The political party of outgoing President Jose Mujica, who gained international notice for social reforms such as legalization of marijuana and gay marriage, leads going into Sunday's election to replace him but victory is far from assured.

    Associated Press
  • Brazil's election: 'Ghosts' versus 'Monsters'

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazilian voters electing a new president this weekend are being asked to decide what scares them least: the incumbent's warnings about the "ghosts of the past," or her challenger's charges about the "monsters of the present."

    Associated Press
  • Mozambique's ruling party wins presidential race

    MAPUTO, Mozambique (AP) — The ruling party candidate for president in Mozambique has won the election with about 57 percent of the vote, elections officials said Friday.

    Associated Press
  • Yes on Proposition 45 going to the airwaves

    With just over a week until election day, backers of Proposition 45, the health insurance rate regulation initiative, are finally putting ads on television.

    Los Angeles Times
  • [video] Opinion: Why the ‘War on Women’ Theme Isn’t Working

    Independence Institute President Jon Caldara on why Sen. Mark Udall’s emphasis on birth control and abortion have backfired in his re-election race. Photo: Associated Press

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    Illinois governor race turns to support of women

    Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner is hosting an event to encourage early voting in the suburbs, while earlier Friday afternoon Governor Pat Quinn reached out to women during an event with Gloria Steinem.

    WLS – Chicago
  • Political Islam tries to adapt to Tunisia election landscape

    By Tarek Amara SFAX Tunisia (Reuters) - From behind a niqab veil masking all but her eyes, Tunisian activist Fedia Mkaouar stops passersby in a busy street to make a pitch for her conservative Islamist party chasing votes in Sunday's parliamentary election. When Tunisians held their first ballot a…

  • Sweden's far-right tells mainstream to negotiate or risk new election

    By Johan Ahlander STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - The leader of the far-right Sweden Democrats, who hold the balance of power in parliament, said on Friday that mainstream parties should negotiate with them before the government's centerpiece budget vote or risk a new election. All parties have refused to…

  • GOP outraises Democrats in early October

    Donors gave the Republican National Committee $8.1 million during the first two weeks of October, and the party borrowed another $5 million to help its campaign allies working on House and Senate races, ...

    Associated Press
  • Palin backs independent for Alaska governor

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Sarah Palin has snubbed her former lieutenant governor in his bid for re-election, supporting an independent candidate after Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell dismantled the increased oil taxes that were a signature part of her time as governor.

    Associated Press
  • Brazil presidential rivals face off in debate

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazil's presidential candidates faced off in a heated debate Friday night just two days before their runoff election, with the focus on allegations of corruption and arguments over who could best spark a stalled economy.

    Associated Press
  • [video] Opinion: Massachusetts Gubernatorial Race Gets Interesting

    Boston Business Journal Web Editor Eric Convey on why Republican candidate Charlie Baker is gaining in the polls. Photo: Getty Images

  • Brazil's Rousseff slams magazine's allegations

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Friday denounced as an "act of electoral terrorism" a newsmagazine report suggesting she and her predecessor were aware of a corruption scheme within state-run oil giant Petrobras.

    Associated Press
  • Cutting Through the Noise: Nonpartisan Candidate Guides

    We're in the campaign home stretch, and it's ugly. The races are close. The results will determine how we engage issues from climate change to Ebola, ISIS, and an ever more unequal economy. Yet it's tempting to tune out the elections given the deluge of attack ads and spin, and the toxic influence…

    Huffington Post
  • Party committees spending $3M each day on House

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The political parties' House campaign arms spent almost $51 million in the first two weeks of October — or an average of almost $3.4 million every day — according to campaign finance summaries released Thursday.

    Associated Press
  • Brazil poll shows Neves leading election, at odds with major surveys

    SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Opposition candidate Aecio Neves has a shrinking lead over President Dilma Rousseff in Brazil's presidential race, an outlying poll showed on Friday, at odds with major pollsters that report a growing lead for the incumbent. The new poll conducted by Sensus showed Neves with…

  • Petrobras Risks Post Brazil Election: Remember The Chanos Short

    No matter who wins Brazil's presidential election on Sunday, Monday will bring clarity for Petrobras. Shares of state-controlled energy giant Petrobras, or Petroleo Brasileiro (PBR), have jumped 8% today ...