• Mitch McConnell's campaign manager quits in the wake of Iowa and Ron Paul scandal

    The campaign manager for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, has now resigned his position as a result of the ongoing scandal involving the 2012 presidential campaign of former Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports. Jesse Benton joined the McConnell campaign…

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  • The amazing resurrection of Mitt Romney

    When Mitt Romney was trounced by President Obama in the 2012 election, it seemed as if the former governor of Massachusetts was a political corpse. Romney "appears well on the way to disappearing," wrote The Washington Post in a merciless campaign autopsy, "with a not-so-gentle shove from his own…

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  • Digitizing Democracy: Shifting Power to the People

    It's common knowledge that getting people to the polls during political primaries in America has become something of a fool's errand, so headlines like "Major spending on elections met with total apathy by voters" and "Americans hate Congress. They will totally teach it a lesson by not voting"…

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  • Paul Ryan Says He'll Wait Until 2015 To Decide On A Presidential Bid

    While Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) hasn’t announced plans to run for president in 2016, he is certainly open to the possibility, telling Larry King in an interview set to air Thursday, “I’ll make my mind up with my family in 2015.”Speculation about a presidential bid for the former vice presidential…

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  • Key Congressional Races May Hinge On Support From Native Americans, Alaska Natives

    WASHINGTON -- Though Native American and Alaska Native communities are often overlooked in electoral politics, their votes could decide the outcome of three close congressional contests this November. In Alaska, Sen. Mark Begich (D), who's running against former Attorney General Dan Sullivan (R),…

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  • New Zealand PM brushes off dirty tricks row in TV debate

    Prime Minister John Key dismissed allegations of dirty tricks in the New Zealand election campaign as a "distraction" Thursday during his first televised debate with opposition leader Labour Party David Cunliffe. The campaign so far has been dominated by a newly-published book, which cites emails…

  • Why Iowa? An up-close look at how the first-in-the-nation caucuses help to pick our presidents

    Documentary “Caucus” puts viewers inside the hub of one of U.S. politics’ greatest spectacles

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  • Poll: Women think the GOP is 'stuck in the past'

    A new poll has found that women are largely dissatisfied with the Republican party.

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  • Abercrombie blames primary loss on gay marriage

    HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie said he lost his bid for re-election in a Democratic primary because of his decision to call a special session to legalize gay marriage.

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  • Israelis Frustrated With Outcome of Gaza Conflict

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces frustration over how the conflict with Hamas is winding down, both from the Israeli public and from parties that wanted harsher action against Gaza's Islamist rulers....

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  • Sen. Mary Landrieu owns no Louisiana home. What was she thinking?

    What was Mary Landrieu thinking? She and her husband own a $2.5 million house on Washington’s Capitol Hill, and she lists her parents’ home in New Orleans as her Pelican State pied-à-terre, according to The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, who broke the story with a detailed report. Senator…

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  • Judge Dismisses Chris McDaniel's Runoff Challenge

    A Mississippi judge has dismissed Republican Sen. Chris McDaniel's lawsuit challenging the June 24 runoff results in state primary, in which he lost to Sen. Thad Cochran. Special Judge Hollis McGehee argued McDaniel was too late to file his complaint, 41 days after the election, when the state law…

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    On Tuesday, Florida, Arizona, Vermont and Oklahoma held their primary elections.

  • Texas frontrunner for governor, Abbott, backs out of sole TV debate

    The frontrunner for the Texas race for governor, Republican Greg Abbott, has pulled out of the sole statewide televised debate, the debate's broadcaster, WFAA-TV, said on Friday. "Due to our inability to agree on specific details of the format, Attorney General Greg Abbott will regretfully not be…

  • Farm worker faces No. 2 Republican for House seat

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Raul Garcia has a question for Kevin McCarthy, the House's No. 2 Republican: "While we are waiting for you on immigration reform, who should be harvesting America's food?"

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  • Doubts surround plane in Brazil campaign

    SAO PAULO (AP) — Doubts surrounding the legality of the purchase of a small private plane used by the Brazilian Socialist Party have placed the campaign of presidential hopeful Marina Silva under scrutiny this week.

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  • Rick Perry Enters the Final Stage of Indictment Grief: Confusion

    Maybe Rick Perry should have read up on his indictment charges before he started using them as a campaign talking point. RELATED: Hillary Clinton Finally Has Something to Say About Ferguson

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