• Yes or no? Greeks vote on high-stakes bailout referendum

    Greeks lined up at polling stations and ATMs alike Sunday as the country voted on its financial future, choosing in a referendum whether to accept creditors' demands for more austerity in return for rescue ...

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  • Why Greece Should Vote 'YES'

    Greek voters are fed up, angry, and desperate. Their dreams have been shattered, their honor has been compromised. How should they vote in the upcoming referendum?They should vote "YES."Our government is depicting this referendum as an expression of democracy. The sad truth is that it is the…

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  • The Latest: Greek vote causes deep divisions in families

    The latest from the referendum in Greece (all times local): ___ 10:25 a.m. The Greek referendum on whether or not to accept bailout demands by creditors is causing deep divisions, even among individual ...

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  • This July 4th, Americans love America less

    You might be thinking about how much you love America this Independence Day. You might even say you're extremely proud to be an American. Gallup also found that pride in America tends to drop among younger generations: 64 percent of 65-and-older respondents said they're extremely proud to be…

  • Greek PM Faces Uncertain Future

    ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Whether Greeks decide in Sunday's referendum to accept their lenders' bailout deal or reject it, the government's hold on power may be shakier than its brash prime minister has calculated, analysts say.Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is banking on fellow Greeks to deliver a…

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  • Did This Federal Study Just Imply That Marijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol?

    Is marijuana really safer than alcohol when you're behind the wheel? That's the question three federal agencies attempted to answer in this study.

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  • Founder of German eurosceptic party calls for end to feud

    The founder of the eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) appealed to colleagues on Saturday to end a bitter leadership dispute that threatens to rip apart the two-year-old party. The infighting has hit the ratings of the AfD and left it floundering at a time when it could have capitalized on…

  • Greek referendum final polls show 'No' vote ahead by small margin

    Final opinion polls released after the end of voting in Greece's referendum showed the 'No' vote leading by a small margin in Sunday's vote on a bailout proposal from creditors. No exit polls were released. Three opinion polls by GPO, Metron Analysis and MRB all showed the 'No' camp ahead by a…

  • Nine days in the Greek debt crisis

    Greece was officially declared in default on Friday by the European Financial Stability Facility, which holds 144.6 billion euros ($160 billion) of Greek loans. Athens has just missed an IMF loan payment deadline, the first time that has happened to an industrialised country. Saturday, June 27:…

  • 9 photos show the chaos in Greece right now

    On Sunday, July 5, Greece will have a referendum on whether to accept an accord with its...

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  • Mitt Romney Hosts A Sleepover With Marco Rubio And Chris Christie

    NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney will be hosting two rival Republican presidential contenders at a holiday sleepover Friday evening.New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will both be staying over at Romney's property in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, an aide to…

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  • Association managers not allowed to campaign with board directors

    Question: Most owners in our homeowner association are thoroughly dissatisfied with the board and claim that voter fraud got the directors elected. Accordingly, a bunch of us launched a recall, asking ...

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  • Narendra Modi's Secret Weapon

    There are billions of Indians. A few million don't live in India. Those few million are very important.

  • Leftist Spanish parties back 'No' vote in Greek referendum

    Six Spanish leftist parties and platforms on Friday backed a "No" vote in Sunday's Greek referendum on its bailout terms. "We think that the Greek people will be courageous, that they will be on the 'No' side," said Rommy Arce, a Madrid city councillor who belongs to a leftist "Ahora Madrid"…

  • Hiring Now: Office Clerk Jobs

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  • Cruz presidential campaign says supporters donated $51 million

    Republican Senator Ted Cruz and the outside groups supporting his presidential bid have raised more than $51 million in the three months since he launched his campaign for president, according to a statement from his campaign on Sunday. Cruz, who announced his candidacy on March 23 in a speech at…

  • The Latest: Greek opposition: 'no' win will raise pressure

    The latest from the bailout referendum in Greece (all times local): ___ A senior Greek opposition official says the expected "no" vote win in Sunday's bailout referendum will increase pressure ...

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  • German anti-euro party marks shift to right with new leader

    Germany's Alternative for Germany (AfD) party ousted its co-founder and frontman Bernd Lucke Saturday to elect a new leader from its right wing, signalling a shift in focus to immigration from its anti-euro origins. Frauke Petry, who heads a national conservative faction within the fledgling AfD,…