• Biden: Young men need to stand against violence

    Vice President Joe Biden said Friday the nation needs to bring young men into the struggle against domestic violence by encouraging them to stand against the crime on college campuses. Biden, speaking at a meeting of the Democratic National Committee's women's leadership forum, said the 20th…

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  • Every Vote Counted in These Elections That Were Won (or Lost) by a Hair

    The battle for control of the Senate is a matter that will be decided by a relatively small swath of the electorate. Democrats currently have the majority, with a total of 53 Senators—there are 45 Republicans and two Independents. Republicans need six seats to take the helm of the Senate and move…

  • Scots vote shows pitfalls, opportunities for EU referendum

    By Paul Taylor and Alastair Macdonald PARIS/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Scotland's vote against independence offers lessons for British politicians and their European partners faced with a referendum on whether to stay in the EU which Prime Minister David Cameron has promised for 2017. The fact that the…

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    Greg Abbott, Wendy Davis face off in Texas gubernatorial debate

    Democrat Wendy Davis went after Republican Greg Abbott over defending deep classroom spending cuts and his record on women in the first governor's debate in Texas in nearly a decade

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  • Italy's Northern League founder Bossi saddened by Scottish vote

    Italy's Northern League founder Bossi saddened by Scottish vote By James Mackenzie ROME (Reuters) - The founder of Italy's pro-devolution, anti-immigrant Northern League expressed bitter disappointment at the result of the Scottish independence referendum and said voters had been intimidated by the…

  • A look at the charges in Rowland case

    Former Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland was convicted Friday of all seven charges against him at his federal trial in New Haven. The charges:COUNT 1: FALSIFYING RECORDSRowland was convicted of drafting a phony contract for consulting work with an animal

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  • One Statistic Shows How Tiny, Isolated, And Utterly Defeated The Scottish Independence Movement Is

    Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images SNP leader Alex Salmond, standing on his own. Campaigners hoping for a "Yes" in the Scottish independence referendum at one point looked as if they might win. A few days before the vote, opinion polls showed the nationalists

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  • Maverick and web tycoon shape as key players in New Zealand election

    By Gyles Beckford WELLINGTON (Reuters) - A pugnacious political maverick who wants tighter controls on the economy, immigration and on foreigners buying land, is shaping up as the king maker in New Zealand elections on Saturday. Opinion polls indicate that Winston Peters, the leader of the small…

  • Kansas Democrat ordered removed from U.S. Senate ballot

    By Kevin Murphy KANSAS CITY Kan. (Reuters) - Kansas election officials must remove the name of the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from the November election ballot, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Thursday in a decision that could help decide which party will control the chamber. Democrat…

  • Nigeria ruling party backs president's re-election bid

    Nigeria ruling party backs president's re-election bid Abuja (AFP) - Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said he was "overwhelmed" by his ruling party's unanimous decision on Thursday to choose him as its sole candidate for next year's presidential poll. State governors from the Peoples Democratic…

  • [video] How Will Teens Impact Scotland's Referendum?

    ... voters in Scotland have one more hour to cast their ballots and if and when they see the team came from the Latin around ... and for the first time in sixteen and seventeen year olds are casting ballots to ... Scotland lower the voting age to sixteen

  • Republican Campaign Ads Fear-Mongering Over ISIS Threat

    The threat of terrorism is once again being featured on the campaign trail.Republicans in particular are putting America's military conflict in the Middle East front and center in television ads less than two months before the midterm elections, calling

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  • Kerry, Afghan candidate discuss vote impasse

    Secretary of State John Kerry ratcheted up the pressure on Afghanistan's rival presidential contenders to reach a compromise on a national unity government, reminding them that Washington and the international community will withdraw financial support if they fail to strike a deal, a campaign…

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  • House Democrats' campaign arm still has $55M saved

    House Democrats' campaign arm spent heavily last month but still has almost $55 million left in the bank for an uphill fight against the Republican majority, party officials said Thursday. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's summary of fundraising through August shows it collected…

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  • Quebec separatists visit Scotland, taking notes

    Dozens of Quebec separatists have travelled to Scotland to witness its historic independence referendum on Thursday and see what they can learn from the spectacular advance of its "Yes" campaign. The Scottish National Party led by First Minister Alex Salmond climbed from a fringe force to taking…

  • Election Campaigns' Chicken-Suited Men Get Opponents in a Flap

    The New Hampshire Republican Party had a simple point to make last month: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, the Democrat running for re-election, had been "too chicken'' to hold town-hall meetings where voters could question her. When police arrested the bird man for disorderly conduct at a Shaheen event—he…

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