• I can be leader even if not Myanmar president: Suu Kyi

    Aung San Suu Kyi intends to lead a new Myanmar government if her party wins historic polls despite being barred from the presidency, she says in an interview to be broadcast Wednesday. "If the NLD wins the elections and we form a government, I'm going to be the leader of that government whether or…

  • Bill Ackman: Mike Bloomberg will run for president and win in 2016

    Could we see another billionaire enter the presidential race?

  • One CEO's Quote Sums Up Resilience Of Flood-Drenched South Carolina

    After the storm comes the sun.  The chief executive of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday urged workers to return to their jobs in hopes of kickstarting the region's economy after combined storm systems deluged 11 counties around the state capital."It's a sunny day…

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  • Portugal's president urges parties to unite, seek compromise

    LISBON, Portugal (AP) — Portugal's president urged politicians on Tuesday to set aside their bickering and find compromises in the national interest after an election that threatened to bring a period of damaging instability.

    Associated Press
  • Is pro-Bush super PAC obscuring spending?

    'Right to Rise' super PAC is a veritable black box when it comes to how it spends its millions.

    Center for Public Integrity
  • Prediction: Trump vs Sanders in 2016

    Spoiler alert! If Republicans were given the choice of Trump or "other," most Republicans would vote "other." However, because our election system is "first past the post" (FPTP), the winner takes all. So, though Trump is favored by a minority, if that minority is adamant about Trump, it will cause…

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  • 7 Lessons Your Small Business Can Learn From the Republican Primary Websites

    Bet you didn't think you could learn anything (aside from which candidates want which of their family members on the $10 bill) from the Republican Party's presidential primary race. I thought this too until I started perusing the candidates' websites and realized that small business owners can…

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    Will Trump stay in the 2016 race?

    Former Romney Deputy Campaign Manager Jason Roe, Manhattan Institute Adjunct Fellow Judy Miller and Democratic Strategist Rich Fowler on the 2016 presidential race.

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  • Danger Signs Lurk in Donald Trump's Poll Numbers

    Donald Trump has remained strong in the polls during his run for the Republican presidential nomination. However, as WSJ's Jerry Seib explains, his high negative ratings from GOP voters may pull him down. ...

  • Congo to hold referendum on third presidential term

    By Philon Bondenga BRAZZAVILLE (Reuters) - Congo Republic's government announced on Tuesday it would hold a referendum this month on constitutional change, in a move that could allow veteran President Denis Sassou Nguesso to extend his decades-long rule. The 71-year-old former military commander…

  • Hillary Clinton Tackles Gun Control with Universal Background Checks

    In a town hall meeting on Monday morning, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton laid out her vision for gun control before voters in Hollis, New Hampshire.

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  • Bush, Rubio battle for donors may forecast campaign's next step

    In public, the Republican presidential hopefuls are moving from polite rivals to bickering combatants. Behind the scenes, their intensifying battle for donors since Scott Walker exited the Republican race may be a precursor of the next leg in the campaign. The two, both from Florida, occupy the…

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  • Philippine dictator's son reignites old fury with election bid

    Victims of late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos's regime vowed Tuesday to ensure his crimes would not be forgotten, after his son announced a bid for the vice presidency. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jnr said Monday he would run as an independent in next year's elections, widely seen as a…

  • Ivory Coast opposition candidate suspends participation in presidential vote

    Former Ivory Coast foreign minister turned opposition candidate Amara Essy said on Tuesday he had suspended his participation in this month's presidential election, saying the process was undemocratic and dominated by the incumbent. President Alassane Ouattara is heavily favoured to win re-election…

  • How to Double Your Money Every 4 Years

    In a recent study, a group of University professors show how 539 individual investors were able to consistently double their money every 3.5 years.

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    The impact of "one person, one vote" in a Latino district

    Shihab Rattansi takes a look at a Supreme Court case that could have a major role in the upcoming election

    Al Jazeera America
  • The Fringe Candidates Running for President

    On the outskirts of the political mainstream, in the cavernous recesses of American democracy, lie the solitary fringe presidential aspirants: more than 1,200 of them.

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  • The Republican Party’s major donors are writing big checks to everyone but Trump

    Donald Trump’s lead is slipping in the early voting states of New Hampshire and Iowa, and the Republican Party’s heavyweight donors are spreading cash to his rivals in anticipation that his prospects are in terminal decline. Wealthy conservatives affiliated with the billionaire Koch brothers have…