• Party of Lesotho's prime minister ahead in election results

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — The party of Lesotho's prime minister on Sunday led in initial results from an election in the mountain kingdom, which held an early vote in an attempt to overcome tension among political factions.

    Associated Press
  • Tajikistan parliamentary voting sullied by pressure on opponents

    The ruling People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan (PDPT) is expected to sweep parliamentary voting Sunday in the former Soviet republic in polling tainted by complaints of pressure from opposition parties. The tightly-controlled Central Asian state's election commission declared the vote valid at…

  • Is Hillary a Sure Thing in 2016?

    You hear two competing stories about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in 2016. According to the first, she has a lock on the nomination and the election. Hillary is sure to win the nomination, because there are no other plausible candidates, especially if Elizabeth Warren doesn't get in. And…

    Huffington Post
  • Mugabe holds lavish 91st birthday bash by Victoria Falls

    By Philimon Bulawayo VICTORIA FALLS, Zimbabwe (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe celebrated his 91st birthday with a lavish party by the spectacular Victoria Falls on Saturday, prompting many Zimbabweans to question once again when he would leave office and who would succeed him.…

  • Totally Random Tournament: Best TV Characters of the 2000s -- Villains, Survivors and Journalists/Ad Man

    Think you're ready for March Madness? Gear up by voting on the best comedy TV characters of the past 15 years.

    Yahoo Sports
  • Scott Walker, God's Gift To The Democratic Party

    Beltway Democrats may not deserve good luck, but it looks like they could have plenty in the next presidential race. Heading into the weekend, Scott Walker, a man born to be slaughtered in a general election, is suddenly leading the Republican pack in the Iowa polls.

    Huffington Post
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    Why Some See India's Budget as a Missed Opportunity

    March 2 -- With the strongest election mandate in 30 years and oil prices sliding, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a chance to quickly get India’s finances under control in his first full-year budget. Bloomberg's Yvonne Man has more on "First Up."

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  • CPAC makes its pick for 2016 in straw poll

    Voters at conservative conference pick their favorite 2016 hopeful, but with primaries a year away, do the results really matter?

    CBS News
  • Poland's 'Barbie' candidate dashes hope for left's revival

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland's main left-wing party was once a major player. It helped bring Poland into the European Union, sent troops to Iraq and let the CIA operate a secret prison for terror suspects.

    Associated Press
  • Embattled Lesotho prime minister takes early lead in snap poll

    The results of Lesotho's snap election following an alleged coup attempt last year trickled in slowly Sunday, with Prime Minister Thomas Thabane taking an early lead with nearly two thirds of the vote tallied. Thabane described the violence as a coup attempt fuelled by the opposition and fled to…

  • Estonia's pro-NATO Reform party wins vote overshadowed by Russia

    Estonia's governing pro-NATO Reform party topped parliamentary elections Sunday, defeating a Kremlin-oriented rival amid concerns over a militarily resurgent Russia, but analysts warned that forging a coalition would be difficult. President Toomas Hendrik Ilves is expected to ask Reform chief,…

  • Mayor of Fresno won't seek US Senate seat

    FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — The Republican mayor of the California city of Fresno has decided not to run for the United States Senate, an adviser said.

    Associated Press
  • Faded seaside towns are fertile ground for UKIP

    Deprived of tourists by the advent of cheap foreign holidays, many of Britain's faded seaside towns have become pockets of deprivation -- and fertile territory for the populist, anti-European UK Independence Party (UKIP). With its fine sand, clear waters, elegant Victorian buildings and chalk…

  • Sen. Rand Paul wins CPAC 2015 straw poll

    Rand Paul wins contest, Walker close second

    FOX News Videos
  • Egypt parliamentary poll looks set for delay after court ruling

    By Ahmed Tolba and Mahmoud Mourad CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's parliamentary poll looks set to be delayed after a court ruled that part of an election law was unconstitutional and the main election committee said it was working on a new timetable for the long-awaited vote. President Abdel Fattah…

  • Can Scott Walker ride union-busting to the White House?

    Rand Paul may have won CPAC’s presidential straw poll for the third time in a row Saturday. His young libertarian legions turned out in force, as they had for Sen. Paul’s father, former Rep. Ron Paul. Among the activists at the annual three-day Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – who…

    Christian Science Monitor
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    What Does Rand Paul's CPAC Win Mean for 2016?

    The "This Week" powerhouse roundtable on who's up and who's down after this week's CPAC conference.

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