Elizabeth Warren Clear Leader Over Scott Brown in New Poll

Both Candidates Pull Out of Final Debate Due to Superstorm Sandy

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A new poll conducted by Suffolk University and 7 News once again confirms that Democrat Elizabeth Warren has the upper hand over Republican Sen. Scott Brown as they enter the final week of campaigning. Warren led Brown by seven points, 53-46 percent. The poll, conducted between Oct. 25-28, surveyed 600 likely voters.

Warren's favorability advantage over Brown may be partially behind this latest result. Warren was viewed favorably by slightly over half of respondents, 51 percent, to only 36 percent unfavorable. Brown, who spent much of his political career cultivating a "good guy" image, was viewed favorably by 45 percent of respondents, but almost as many, 42 percent, viewed him unfavorably.

Brown's unfavorable numbers may be tied to the current campaign. Brown, forced to go much more negative against Warren than Massachusetts voters are accustomed to seeing from him, has done some damage to his reputation. When asked, 41 percent of respondents said the campaign has hurt his reputation, compared to 46 percent who did not. Respondents also thought Warren was running a better campaign than Brown, 43-32 percent.

The fourth and final debate between the two candidates had been scheduled for today in Boston. Both candidates announced Monday that they would not attend the debate, citing concerns over Hurricane Sandy. Warren has subsequently said she would be willing to attend a rescheduled debate for Thursday, as proposed by the debate organizers.

"Our focus over the next 48 hours must be on public safety and holding the utilities accountable for restoring power as soon as possible," said Warren campaign manager Mindy Myers. "Elizabeth believes that the final televised debate should occur, and we have contacted the debate organizers and let them know she would be available to participate on Thursday evening."

When reached for comment by the Boston Globe, Sen. Brown seemed disinterested in rescheduling the debate.

"There's only a few days left and we have a very, very busy schedule," said Brown, who referred the issue to his campaign staff.

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