Elop on possible future Nokia Android phone: ‘Anything is possible’

Nokia CEO Elop

Stephen Elop, Steve Ballmer

We could someday see a Nokia (NOK) Android phone after all. In an interview with El Pais, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that while his company was still fully committed to both Microsoft (MSFT) and Windows Phone, the company is always evaluating its options for future mobile devices, including using Android as a platform.

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“In the current ecosystem wars we are using Windows Phone as our weapon,” Elop told El Pais. “But we are always thinking about what’s coming next, what will be the role of HTML 5, Android… Today we are committed and satisfied with Microsoft, but anything is possible.”

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It’s highly unlikely that Nokia will release an Android device unless Windows Phone proves to be a total flop, however, as Elop has commented in the past on his company’s “special” relationship with Microsoft and has steadfastly resisted pressure to expand Nokia into different platforms. What’s more, no company other than Samsung (005930) has been able to consistently make money from selling Android handsets, so it’s not clear that a switch to Android would at all be beneficial to the company.

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