Emanuel Endorses Expanded Chicago Food Truck Ordinance

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is backing a proposed ordinance that would pave the way for a food truck revolution. Chefs on these mobile restaurants could prepare meals, something that is banned in the city and has limited food trucks to preparing meals before hitting the streets.

* Under the new ordinance, food trucks would be authorized to cook food on the vehicle, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

* Food trucks would have to park at least 200 feet away from any licensed "brick and mortar" restaurant, a provision that resulted from restaurants expressing concern the trucks would interfere with their business.

* Food trucks could operate 24 hours a day and the space restriction would not apply from midnight to 5 a.m.

* CBS Chicago added these mobile restaurants would be subject to health inspections and at least one employee who has been certified in food safety would have to be on the food truck at all times.

* The city would keep tabs on each food truck by requiring the installation of a GPS device.

* Still to be considered are fines for violating any part of the ordinance, but an earlier version of the ordinance proposed fines ranging from $200 to $2,000.

* The mayor added the ordinance will also create food stands in highly congested areas, specifically designated parking spaces for the vehicles that would be exempt from the 200-foot space rule.

* At least five of these food stands would be in each of the six designated neighborhoods, including the Loop, Lake View, Lincoln Park, Near North, Near West Side and West Town.

* The ordinance will officially be introduced to City Council on Wednesday by the mayor, Alderman Tom Tunney and Alderman Joe Moreno. It could be approved as soon as July, NBC Chicago reported.

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