Emmy Awards by the Numbers

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The annual Emmy Awards are presented to the best in the primetime and daytime television shows. From technical merit to best acting categories, all of the best and brightest television stars come out for the most glamorous evening of the year.

The Emmy Awards are quite a show. Here's a look at why the awards show is such a big deal with the Emmy Awards by the numbers.

1949: The first year the Emmy Awards were presented . It was a small awards banquet honoring the best in Los Angeles television. Broadcasting was still a relatively new medium in 1949 and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences wanted to honor the best in the business.

7: The number of categories awarded during the first Emmy Awards. Such categories included Best Film Made for Television, Most Popular Television Program and Most Outstanding Television Personality.

525: The approximate number of Primetime Emmy Awards handed out in modern times. Many of the statuettes awarded are for technical merit and expertise. The actual television show revolves around just a few dozen of the most popular categories including best shows, best movies and best actors and actresses.

700: The approximate number of statuettes manufactured every year. The total includes around 250 for Los Angeles area awards for the Primetime Emmy Awards.

108.5: The weight of the Emmy Award statuette, in ounces. Each one takes about five hours to make and is plated in gold. The inside of the statuette is made of copper and nickel by the R.S. Owens company in Chicago.

20.8 million: The number of households who watched the Primetime Emmy Awards in 1979. TV By the Numbers states that figure represents the most households ever to watch the awards show.

15,000: The approximate number of members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences . That number includes technical producers, directors, actors and actresses who all vote on who gets the awards every year. The Emmy Awards are recognition by your peers for outstanding television over the previous year.

35.8 million: The most viewers in the history of the Primetime Emmy Awards. That record was set in 1986 after the Nielsen ratings company began to discern individual viewing patterns as opposed to households with televisions. That was the last year in which over 30 million people watched the show.

583,100: The cost, in dollars, of a 30-second commercial during the 2007 Emmy Awards. Prices have since dropped due to the economic recession.

800: The number of gift bags given out at the Documentary and News Emmy Awards given out in New York City in 2011. The Tampa Tribune reports gifts in each bag retail at over $1,500. Stars at the Primetime Emmy Awards get even more stuff and more expensive items.

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