So, It's the End of the World and We're Still Here

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So, It's the End of the World and We're Still Here

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So, It's the End of the World and We're Still Here

Midnight has come and gone on December 21 and the world is still in tact. At least, it is where we are. 

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It is just after midnight ET and... Beuler? Beuler? The end of the world didn't show up. This writer can safely report from a place where it has been past midnight for an hour now and nothing has happened... yet. December 21 came and is still here with all of the excitement of any other Friday. According to this countdown clock, the real, Mayan-predicted hour of reckoning isn't until 6:11 a.m. ET. So, you know, there's still time for you to get laid one last time, just in case. Or if you're in California, spark one up. It's your last chance, maybe. 

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Hopefully this failed doomsday results in New York tabloid covers that were as good as the last predicted apocalypse. We're sure we'll hear stories from disappointed people who thought this was definitely it for this stinkin' planet, too.

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Until then, there are people arguing how the world can't possibly end because they have things to do on Friday. (Or because they're still a virgin.) (Or because its Friday.) New-agers are talking nonsense about it being a "cosmic dawn," whatever that means, instead of the apocalypse. The New York Times has a good-if-concerning roundup of stories of people freaking out over this whole thing. 

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And, in what's either the most well-timed promotional effort ever, or the single dumbest timing for a movie release ever, Seth Rogen released the NSFW trailer for his new movie This Is The End Thursday evening. Rogen and literally every single person who's appeared in a Rogen-affiliated movie over the last five years run around and try and survive the end of the world: 

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So, until 6:11 a.m. when it's officially the minute the Mayan's predicted the world would end all those moons ago, we leave you with these words of wisdom: you probably should have said no.

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