EPA: Fuel Economy Up Significantly in New Cars

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency , a new report shows that fuel economy values of vehicles sold in the United States have seen "major increases" that save families money and reduce greenhouse gases. Here are the details.

* The annual report that tracks fuel economy was released this week and shows that between the years of 2007 and 2012 fuel economy values rose 16 percent and carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 13 percent, the EPA reported.

* The report shows that in 2012 alone, the fuel economy for cars and trucks increased by 1.4 miles per gallon for an average fuel economy of 23.8 mpg, according to estimates provided to the EPA by automakers. This is the biggest single-year increase since the EPA began reporting fuel economy.

* The EPA stated that fuel economy is expected to continue improving due to the Obama administration's fuel efficiency standards.

* According to the White House , the standards, which were announced in 2011, cover model years 2011-25 and will increase the required performance equivalent of vehicles sold in the U.S. to 54.5 mpg.

* The standards are expected to save families $8,200 in fuel over the lifetime the vehicle and reduce oil consumption by 2.2 million barrels per day.

* The report also states that new technologies are helping to increase fuel economy, with the use of turbochargers/superchargers, changes in transmissions and more choices of alternatively fueled vehicles including electric and plug-in hybrid models and fuel cell vehicles.

* Compared to five years ago, the EPA stated, consumers have twice as many hybrid and diesel vehicle choices, as well as a growing number of plug-in electric vehicle options and six times more car models with a combined city/highway fuel economy of 30 mpg or higher.

* The report found that Volkswagen had the highest adjusted fuel economy performance and the lowest fleetwide adjusted composite emissions, followed by Mazda and then a tie between Honda and Toyota.

* Daimler has the highest emissions and the lowest fuel economy, followed by Chrysler-Fiat and GM, the report found.

* Hyundai and Kia's fuel economy and emissions data was not included in this year's report due to an investigation announced in late 2012 by the EPA.

* The EPA reported in November that both manufacturers would lower their fuel economy after the agency found discrepancies between the results of its investigation and data submitted by the company.

* The National Vehicle and Fuel Emission Laboratory in Michigan tested the vehicles after the EPA received a number of consumer complaints about Hyundai's mileage estimates.

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