Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risk; Is Facebook Better Than Sex?

Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risk; Is Facebook Better Than Sex?

Discovered: Exercise reduces breast cancer risk, Facebook is better than sex?, parents aren't careful enough about kid allergies, and it just takes two degrees of warming for bit climate change.

  • Exercise reduces breast cancer risk. What sounds like an easy way to cut back one's risk of the disease is actually a lot harder than it sounds. Those who exercised 9 to 17 hours per week, meaning more than one hour per day, reduced their breast cancer risk by 30 percent. Looking at 3,000 women those who exercised during their 20s and 30s, were less likely to develop the disease during menopause. Science thinks it might have something to do with excess fat, which can feed a tumor. Like we said, 9 to 17 hours might sound doable, but we can't really imagine fitting that in -- that's pretty much a two hour a day minimum. [Reuters]

  • Facebook is better than sex? Hmm, this sounds suspect, but a recent study found our brains emit similar happy chemicals when we share things online as when we have sex. "Humans so willingly self-disclose because doing so represents an event with intrinsic value, in the same way as with primary rewards such as food and sex," write the authors. We get the connection and all, but, readers, you tell us: Is Facebook sharing really better than a physical moment with another human? Like any human interaction should feel better than posting a thing on the Internet. Science, tell us it isn't so. [CBS]

  • Kids are having many allergic reactions because of parent neglect. Parents, you gotta be more careful with your kids with allergies. A new study has found that 11 percent of allergic reaction in children happen from a parent feeding their kids the food -- on purpose. "Intentional exposures to allergenic food are typically reported in teenagers, who tend to take more risks or who might be embarrassed about their food allergy," explains researcher David Fleischer. "What is troubling is that in this study we found that a significant number of young children received allergenic foods from parents who were aware of the allergy." Guys, this seems avoidable. [NIH]

  • It takes just two more degrees of warming to cause a big climate change. With just two more degrees of global warming, sea level will rise 1.5 to 2 meters, which is enough to cause major damage to at least one beloved city. "As an example, for New York City it has been shown that one metre of sea level rise could raise the frequency of severe flooding from once per century to once every three years," explains researcher Stefan Rahmstorf. However, not to freak you out, these estimates are a little dubious. "Of course it remains open how far the close link between temperature and global sea level found for the past will carry on into the future," says Rahmstorf. "Despite the uncertainty we still have about future sea level, from a risk perspective our approach provides at least plausible, and relevant, estimates." [Potsdam]