Facebook debuts 60 new Open Graph apps: The complete list

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Facebook debuts 60 new Open Graph apps: The complete list

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Facebook debuts 60 new Open Graph apps: The complete list

Facebook users, prepare for even more sharing. At an event in San Francisco on Wednesday night, Facebook unveiled the first batch of new apps from 60 partner companies enabled by its Open Graph application interface tool (API), which was announced in September and just came out of beta. The apps span a wide range of activities and interests, but one theme runs throughout: sharing everything you do in life is good.

Buying something on eBay? Show your friends through the new eBay app. Going somewhere? Share the details of your adventure through the TripAdvisor or Airbnb apps. Just watched a movie? Automatically tell your friends what you thought through the Rotten Tomatoes app.

The list (below) goes on, and on. And its only going to increase as more developers release apps through Open Graph, which allows any verb, like “reading” or “watching” or “listening,” to become an instantly sharable activity. The variety is only limited by the imagination and initiative of developers.

Open Graph is based on the “frictionless sharing” function, which means you simply need to give a particular app permission to share your actions, and the app automatically takes care of the rest. Of course, each app will be fully customizable in terms of what you share with whom. But it’s easy to see how managing these apps could quickly get out of control.

We’ve already seen examples of this with apps like Spotify, and the wide number of news apps that take advantage of Open Graph, which automatically post to Facebook what songs we’re listening to, or which articles we’ve read. On the one hand, this certainly makes updating your status easier — you literally have to do nothing but browse the Web or listen to music, and the app does the sharing for you. Unless you’re constantly cognizant of all your online activities, however, you may end up sharing more than you think.

It will be interesting to see what Facebook users think about the constant barrage of information their News Feeds are about to be flooded with, as more and more people add more and more apps. Our guess? First, people will freak out. Then it will be the norm, and nobody will care.

Either way, here’s the full list of apps, all of which can be accessed for adding here:


• Spotify • Rdio • Slacker • Turntable.fm • MOG • Rhapsody • SoundCloud • iHeartRadio • Earbits • Jelli • Saavn • Songza

News & links

• Washington Post • Rockmelt • Wall Street Journal • Digg • The Daily • Buzzfeed • The Guardian • Yahoo! News • The Independent • IBNLive • Wetpaint • InHindi • USA Today • Joinsmsn


• Causes • Artez Interactive • FundRazr


• Where I’ve Been • TripAdvisor • Airbnb • Gogobot • Wipolo

Food & dining

• Foodspotting • Urbanspoon • Yummly • Snooth • Foodly

Shopping, design & fashion

• LivingSocial • Sneakpeeq • Polyvore • Oodle • Pose • Lyst • Pinterest • Fab • Payvment • GiftRocket • LAX World • GiantNerd


• MapMyFitness • RunKeeper


•  Flixter (Rotten Tomatoes) • Goodreads • Words With Friends • Castleville • Bubble Island • Hulu • DailyMotion • Zeebox • Draw My Thing • Cinemur • Kobo • DiamondDash • Snapstick


• StubHub • Ticketmaster • Ticketfly • ScoreBig


• BranchOut • Ford – Mustang • Ford – Grab-a-Badge • Autotrader • Appsfire • Color • [s]edition • Grockit • Chegg • Artfinder

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