Facebook Launches Redesigned Help Center [PICS]

Facebook Launches Redesigned Help Center [PICS]

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Getting help from Facebook may get a little easier now that the social network debuted its redesigned Help Center.

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"We are pleased to announce a new, more streamlined design," Erin Egan, Facebook's chief privacy officer, said in a statement. Originally launched in 2007, the Help Center provides answers to questions on Facebook-related topics.

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The center's homepage now features six major topics: "Learn the Privacy Basics," "See What's New on Facebook," "Report an Issue," "Learn More About Timeline," "Review Our Safety Resources" and "Discover Games and Apps." Facebook says it personalizes these topics based on how a person interacts with the site. For instance, if users aren't logged on, they may see information on how to create an account or tips for resetting their password.

Facebook also highlighted a list of popular questions and Pages that users can like to keep posted on tips and feature announcements.

The homepage boasts new navigation designed to make it easier for users to browse faster. Compare that to the old page:

In addition to the Help Center changes, Facebook rolled out Support Dashboard to all of its users. The tool, which originally launched in April, helps users track the progress of reports they make about photos and profiles.

After reporting content via the report links, users can view the dashboard under "Account Settings." There, they can check out when Facebook reviews a report, what action was taken and why.

The social network will also send users a notification when the status of their report changes.

"Both of these tools aim to provide the people who use our service with access to the information they need from Facebook as quickly and as efficiently as possible," privacy officer Egan said.

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