Facebook's Camera App Puts Some Fun Back into the Game

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COMMENTARY | With all the hoopla surround the billions of dollars floating around the Facebook IPO, it is easy to forget about what made the social network so popular in the first place -- it was fun.

BGR is reporting that Facebook has unveiled a new app for iOS users called Camera for iOS, available in the app store. The app features a few filters, which will remind users of Instagram, but it makes uploading pictures, even more than one at a time, to Facebook a lot easier.

The move to share more pictures from Apple's many mobile devices is just the latest example of how Facebook is moving to bring itself more relevant to mobile users. Reuters earlier reported that Facebook is making mobile users a priority, and since CNN Money indicates that nearly 500 million users accessed their Facebook profiles on mobile devices, focusing on their needs is clearly a great idea.

Mobile technology is an important part of the future of the web, even Yahoo has released a new search app.

Facebook's Camera is a nice answer to anyone questioning what the social network was going to do with Instagram. Moreover, sharing pictures is fun, and simplifying the process plus giving users access to different filters puts some of the old enjoyment back into Facebook. Keeping users, especially mobile users, and enticing them to spend more time on the site is the task Facebook, and all websites, is faced with. Having a slick camera app is great reason to spend a few extra minutes on the site, which gives the social network a few more chances to flash and ad at the user.

Sure the Facebook mobile app is not perfect, but by making small improvements, like the Facebook Camera, the website is helping itself out by moving forward, and it even managed to sprinkle in a dash of good times.

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