Factbox: Advanced Speculation on 2014 New York City Mayor’s Race

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Republican-turned-independent Michael Bloomberg finishes up his third term as mayor of New York City at the end of 2013. There are few jobs in America with higher visibility. If you were a mayor of New York City, it's just about guaranteed you'd have a street or airport named after you. So far all the streets and airports have male names, but this could change, according to the early polls. Let's look at some facts pertaining to some of the 2013 mayoralty race candidates:

* New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn appears to be the leading Democratic contender, and was the frontrunner in two Marist polls taken in September and October.

* If elected, Quinn would be the first woman elected to the job since 1665 when Thomas Willett was first given the title, as the New York Times site indicates.

* Sexual orientation and alternative lifestyles do not appear to be significant factors in New York City politics. Quinn married her former live-in partner, Kim M. Catullo, in a ceremony reported in a New York Times article just after the state legalized gay marriage.

* New York Magazine analyzed Public Advocate Bill De Blasio's chances of defeating Quinn in the Democratic primary but NPR host Scott Simon wondered if "his family life has gotten more attention than maybe he wanted," the reason being his wife's "I am a Lesbian" treatise from the 1970s, reported in the New York Post.

* Registered Democrats are the dominant force in New York City politics and outnumber registered Republicans by 2.68 million Democrats to 441,000 Republicans, according to the New York Times.

* Mayor David Dinkins, the 106th mayor of New York City, was the last Democrat elected to the mayor's office, unless you count Bloomberg, who started as a Democrat, switched to the Republican Party, and most recently became an independent.

* A Marist survey poll from October indicates that New Yorkers do not want the following persons to run for mayor in 2013: actor Alec Baldwin, former Rep. Anthony Weiner, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, and former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

* The Daily Mail reports that Bloomberg denied he'd asked Hillary Clinton to run for mayor of New York, though the story was widely reported, including on Holly Bailey's "The Ticket" blog post of Dec. 4.

* Metropolitan Transit Authority chief Thomas Lhota, who quit his job to run for mayor, said in an ABC 7 television interview that his experience has given him the right "skill set" to handle the "most complex organization in the world;" Lhota's biggest challenge may be to step out enough to overcome a B-flat personality and to get Democratic votes.

* CBS 2 New York noted that grocery store impresario John Catsimatidis appears to be a bootstrap billionaire candidate "from 135th Street" who has "never forgotten where I came from." The Wall Street Journal quotes Catsimatidis worrying that he's not sure Lhota "can raise enough money to be mayor."

Anthony Ventre is a freelance writer and a Yahoo! contributor in news pertaining to New York state.

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