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  • Father of 1st known surviving US quintuplets dies

    SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — Andrew Fischer was a stock clerk earning less than $100 a week in 1963 when a doctor explained why his pregnant wife's belly had grown so large: She was about to give birth to five babies, who would become the first known surviving quintuplets born in the U.S.

    Associated Press
  • Could Cash Be the Key to Getting Smokers to Kick the Habit?

    In comparison, only about 9 percent of pregnant women who were only offered smoking cessation counseling quit. The women received a voucher worth about $100 after they showed up for an initial appointment and set a quit date. At the 12-week mark, the women were given a voucher worth at least $200…
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    Massachusetts woman gives birth to twins — one in ambulance — during blizzard

    The blizzard that dumped nearly three feet of snow across was no match for a Massachusetts woman who gave birth to twins during the massive snowstorm.

    Yahoo News
  • Innovative gynocological tool gets FDA approval

    Ladies, the next time you visit the gynecologist those dreaded cervical forceps could be replaced by an entirely new device that's newly approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It's called a suction cervical retractor and while the name may make you want to cross your legs, it is…

    AFP Relax News
  • Newborn Boys Have a Greater Chance of Going Through Life Without HIV—Thanks to This Doctor

    Three years ago, Jeffrey Klausner attended an AIDS conference in Washington, D.C., where he met the first lady of Haiti, Sophia Martelly. As a practicing infectious diseases physician and a professor at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, he proposed to her the idea of reintroducing newborn…
  • New Peanut Allergy Treatment Shows Promise

    Children with peanut allergies who tried a new treatment involving probiotics wound up being able to eat peanuts without suffering an allergic reaction, a new study from Australia says. However, there is reason to be cautious about the study's results, said Dr. Donald Leung, head of pediatric…
  • Churches oppose three-person babies

    Senior church figures have called on the UK government to block the creation of babies from three people. The Church of England and the Catholic Church in England and Wales said it was not clear the technique - adding a donor woman's mitochondria to another woman's egg - was safe or ethical.…

    BBC News
  • 'Ethics, efficacy and safety concerns'

    The Church of England's Medical Ethics advisor calls for more research into so-called three-person babies.

    BBC News