Fareed Zakaria Reinstated at CNN, Time

National Journal

Fareed Zakaria, a Time magazine editor-at-large and well-known CNN host, has been reinstated at both news organizations following a leave of absence this month in connection with a plagiarism incident, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The show Fareed Zakaria GPS (it stands for Global Public Square), a staple in CNN’s Sunday lineup that draws newsmakers from all over the world, will return to the network on Aug. 26, the Tribune reported. Zakaria’s next column will run in Time on Sept. 7.

"CNN has completed its internal review of Fareed Zakaria's work for CNN, including a look back at his Sunday programs, documentaries, and CNN.com blogs," CNN said in a statement. "The process was rigorous. We found nothing that merited continuing the suspension."

Time also declared the matter an isolated incident. "We are entirely satisfied that the language in question was an unintentional error and an isolated incident for which he has apologized," the magazine said in a statement.

The Washington Post, where Zakaria has written for the op-ed pages, announced last week that it is also conducting a review of his work, the Tribune reported.

Zakaria came under scrutiny after portions of his Time column and a blog post on CNN.com were found to contain passages that were nearly identical to a piece in the New Yorker. Zakaria apologized for the incident, calling it a “terrible mistake.”

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