The Fast Track to Migrating Applications to The Public Cloud

The Fast Track to Migrating Applications to The Public Cloud

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The Fast Track to Migrating Applications to The Public Cloud

Now that I have finally caught up after the busy holidays, I found the time to reflect on my experiences at HP Discover in Frankfurt last month.  From strolling through the Mainz Christmas Market with a mug of Glühwein while eating roasted chestnuts to enjoying a nice stein of Hefeweizen with authentic Wiener schnitzel… I can hardly think of a better place to be at Christmas time!  Equally satisfying, if not to the palate, was the response that we received when demoing our newly announced Application Workload Migration services.

Cloud computing has been a hot topic for the last several years, particularly for smaller organizations and startups that were able to easily adopt the cloud model, particularly for new development.  This past year, however, we noticed a major shift in the IT strategy of larger enterprises  that led them to consider and begin planning workload migrations to the public cloud.  For larger organizations and mature workloads, moving existing applications into the cloud poses significant challenges:

  • How do you migrate applications, in their current state, with all of their data, without performing laborious discovery followed by costly and time consuming green field installations, configuration, and data migration?
  • How do you move workloads for which the original developers or in-house Subject Matter Experts have moved on and, quite possibly, installation packages and media no longer exist?
  • How do you migrate applications when dependencies are unclear or unknown?
  • How can you migrate individual applications that are sharing resources, either infrastructure or middleware, with other applications?

Over the last year we worked hard to provide a solution to these problems. First we looked at the proven processes and methodologies that drive our data center modernization and migration services, taking the pieces that made sense, and updated them for cloud migrations. We then forged new partnerships to ensure that we had the best tools available to migrate applications. The final result is our new Application Workload Migration capability. To introduce our new solution for HP Discover, we prepared a live demo showcasing our new capability to Assess, Plan, and Migrate Enterprise Applications, with their data, from a traditional data center to the HP Public Cloud.  Without a doubt, the overwhelming response was shock at how quickly and successfully the migration could be performed!  We were able to migrate a multi-tier web application from a dedicated server to our public cloud in just 12 minutes, a process that in the past has taken weeks to complete.

There is little question that the way we do things in IT is changing rapidly due to the emergence of the cloud model, and we all have a way to go before we realize all of the benefits that cloud computing offers.  But at least today we now have a much easier way to begin the journey!

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