FastForward to Frankfurt: Seeing customer innovations was a hit for Discover 2012 Vegas attendee

FastForward to Frankfurt: Seeing customer innovations was a hit for Discover 2012 Vegas attendee

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FastForward to Frankfurt: Seeing customer innovations was a hit for Discover 2012 Vegas attendee

The ability to meet new fellow IT professionals and to hear about the different stages businesses are at with their IT implementations, are just two of the many highlights enjoyed by Martin MacLeod @martinmacleod, a UK-based server engineer and blogger for BladeWatch, at HP Discover 2012 in Las Vegas. As we countdown to HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt, 4-6 December, we caught up with Martin and asked him how he is implementing what he learned at HP Discover in Vegas and what else caught his attention at the show.
DI: What is your technology focus?
MM: My core technology experience is in the Windows server space, covering application, operating system and the hardware. I’ve been using and supporting Windows and HP servers since 2002. However, I’ve got a broad range of experience with everything around the enterprise technology space: storage, networking, virtualisation, data centres and cloud technology.
DI: How do you use HP technology in your day-to-day job?
MM: The technology I use every day combines HP tools like HP Systems Insight Manager and hardware including their blades and rack servers. I also work with software products including HP LoadRunner and QuickTest Professional. I am a proud owner of a HP ProLiant MicroServer, and ML110 G7.
DI: What was the most memorable session you attended and why?
MM: The most interesting session was about HP Converged Infrastructure. It was great to hear about HP’s vision of the converged infrastructure, and how they are putting this vision into practice. It was interesting to see the various opportunities that converged infrastructure can bring both from a technology and business standpoint. I also really enjoyed the content about HP’s innovation and offerings in cloud computing, not only in terms of their cloud offering, but products and services to prepare its customers to be able to benefit cloud for their business. [Ed’s note: Check out the session catalogue for all the converged infrastructure- and cloud-related sessions at HP Discover Frankfurt.]

DI: Who was the most memorable speaker and why?
MM: I really enjoyed hearing from Jeffrey Katzenberg [CEO and co-founder and director of DreamWorks Animation]. It was great to hear how he saw IT in his business, how it not only met business objectives but how it could also create opportunity. It was interesting to hear what HP had brought to their ongoing working partnership. [Ed’s note: We’re excited that Katzenberg will be a plenary speaker at HP Discover in Frankfurt.]
DI: Which booth, theatre, or section on the floor did you frequent and why?
MM: The sections of the floor that I most walked around were the cloud, networking, and server space. It was great to see the range of products and services that HP had to offer, the ability to see working examples, take part in demos, and to look and touch the servers was brilliant. I still remember the cloud and networking demonstrations today.
DI: Which topic got your attention and why?
Big data had been one of those things that I had heard a few CIOs and managers talking about. It was great to hear the HP viewpoint about what big data meant, to hear real world examples, and the products and services that HP had in order to aid in big data management, analysis, and support.
DI: Which event was most fun?
MM: I loved the screening of Madagascar; it was great watching it on the big screen having heard earlier that day the context behind the delivery of the movie and the requirements of the infrastructure to do so.
DI: How are you applying what you learned at Discover in your job?
MM: One thing that resonated was the Make IT Matter campaign, in terms of delivery: doing things the right way. This is something I’ve always tried to do anyway, but having someone else speak about it re-enforced the message.
At the same time the discussions about big data, Autonomy and cloud, made me consider the possibilities and the objectives going forward both in terms of being more efficient with data, and understanding how we can use information to create opportunity.
DI: What did you take away from Discover that helps you with a specific project?
MM: I remember a colleague phoning me to ask a question about the new Gen8 ProLiant servers (he was getting some at work) and I found myself listing off the benefits and features to look out for when doing the implementation.  At the same time, being able to better articulate some messages and concepts to people as I did research for the BladeWatch blog around big data, cloud and converged infrastructure proved invaluable.
DI: What was the best part of attending Discover?
MM: It was great to understand all that HP and its partners had to offer, and to hear HP’s ongoing commitment to its customers through delivery of innovative and competitive products. It was also great to meet other colleagues in the industry and to hear their challenges and opportunities, what they are working on, and to make friends. It’s important to remember that ever important message: we’re all at different stages in the IT lifecycle and that delivery is key. The industry is changing, and we, as IT professionals, must change with it.
DI: Final question: what was the best meal you had at Discover?
MM: Breakfast at the Tintoretto Bakery, this was where I could prepare myself for the day, usually having just checked in with my daughter and wife over FaceTime to check how our new family was getting on, before heading down to the event. Nice calm atmosphere and a great location for meetings and watching the world go by.
Thanks, Martin. We are glad you had a useful time at HP Discover 2012 in Las Vegas!
If you’d like to attend HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt, there is still time to register! Visit the HP Discover 2012 for more details. We hope to see you there!

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