Finally, a movie about Princess Diana’s life [VIDEO]

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It has been just 15 years since Princess Diana died, and yet Hollywood couldn’t possibly spare another 15 to wait and make a movie about it.

The trailer for “Diana” is here, and it looks like a very expensive Lifetime movie about how hard it was to be Princess Diana.

Instead of any sort of dialogue, we get Naomi Watts in a pretty legit Princess Di wig smiling for the paparazzi, then running away from the paparazzi, then looking wistfully lonely in some hotel room — all set to very dramatic music.

The film focuses on Diana’s life after her messy, public divorce from Prince Charles and on the last couple years of her life.

Princess Diana’s story is certainly worth being told, but her life and death may have been too recent for audiences to separate fact from film. Or this could finally be Watts’ Oscar. It could go either way, really.


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Finally, a movie about Princess Diana's life [VIDEO]

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