First Person: Blatant Truth is Guns Help Us Protect Our Families

The Photos of and Perspectives Behind the Guns We Own

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First Person: Blatant Truth is Guns Help Us Protect Our Families

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Target Practice at the Wicks Houselhold

To put another face to the gun debate, Yahoo News asked gun owners to talk about the firearms they own and what they use them for. Here's one gun owner's perspective.

COMMENTARY | You can't legislate "crazy." There is not a law in the world that can ultimately protect my family from the potential threats of unstable minds. We can pretend that we live under a cozy blanket of protection by way of our government, but the blatant truth is that we must protect ourselves.

As a mother, I am aware that threats are ever lurking. I try to believe in the greater good of people, but trust becomes limited when it comes to my family. My husband and I are law-abiding, God-revering people-- but there's just something about carrying our 9mm hand guns that helps us breathe a little easier each day.

We live in a rural area, surrounded by acreage that allows us to hone our shooting skills. I could not fathom having to take the life of another human being, but knowing that I can if necessary, allows me to sleep better at night. We keep our weapons out of reach from our teenage son and have thoroughly explained to him both the necessity and danger of hand guns.

There have been proposals in our state that would allow the presence of armed police officers at schools. Perhaps this proactive stance could help prevent casualties like those at Sandy Hook Elementary. I support this type of protection.

Our local talk radio station, 660 AM has linked on their website, a petition to save this vital Second Amendment right. We signed the petition and hope more like-minded citizens will sign, too.

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