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First Person: Disabled Veterans Need Jobs Now Not Tomorrow

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First Person: Disabled Veterans Need Jobs Now Not Tomorrow

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Vincent Cannady.

President Obama and Michelle Obama are pushing companies to hire more U.S. military veterans. They said Tuesday that, through a program called Joining Forces, employers have hired or trained 290,000 veterans since August 2011. Through short stories and photos, Yahoo News asked veterans whether they've found work since the start of the 2007 recession or, if not, how their job hunt is going.

FIRST PERSON | I am a service-connected disabled veteran and a 46-year-old African American male. I live in the Ozarks of Missouri, in a little town called El Dorado Springs. I am desperate to find work. I have a bachelor's of arts degree, and I am three credits away from my master's degree in political science.

I have interviewed at the USDA, FDIC, and FAA for Pathway Internships jobs for college students. I have submitted more than 50 applications in one month to USAJOBS, for all kinds of jobs. I have applied for clerk jobs, IT jobs, administration jobs, and jobs designed specifically for disabled veterans.

I have not worked since 2008 when I was diagnosed with PTSD. It is not that I cannot work. But no one will hire a disabled veteran. They only want able-bodied veterans, not the injured ones.

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