First Person: Early Voting Not Without Long Lines

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First Person: Early Voting Not Without Long Lines

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Yahoo! News is asking readers and voters to share brief anecdotes and photos from around the campaign trail that showcase the election in its waning days.

FIRST PERSON | LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla. -- I voted early -- way early. In fact, it was still dark when I arrived at the polls on Saturday, for the second time.

The line on Friday was extremely long. I was hungry so decided to go get something to eat… but on the way back to the polls there was major gridlock from an accident. So I distanced myself from the traffic, arguing with the stubborn GPS-voice-lady. Then, having extricated myself, I discovered a voice mail from a kindly Democrat reminding me to vote early…

So bright and early I arrive the second time only to discover the line is twice as long as the day before! It was Disney-like, snaking back on itself. This is the second line facing away from the polling entrance.

Finally, finished voting a couple of hours later. (Ignore the Romney bumper sticker in the photo.)

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