First Person: Election Commercials Dominate Iowa Political Life

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FIRST PERSON | WAVERLY-SHELL ROCK, Iowa -- Presidential election years here cause quite a stir. The holiday season before an election year is filled with commercials and news stories of candidates vying for caucus votes.

And then the chaos continues throughout the year, increasing at each stage of the election process. I'm a housewife in my early 30s from a town in the northeastern part of the state, and I have dealt with election chaos every election year as far back as I can remember.

I have been hearing Mitt Romney on commercials since January; he stuck out from the beginning in Iowa. I don't recall as many commercials for the Obama campaign until early summer. Up until that time, I'd seen Mitt Romney campaign ads at least once a day. The campaign season can be a very long, tiresome process in Iowa. As a voter in a key swing state, I assume I have watched rallies from both candidates much earlier and with more frequency than those in other states. I easily see 10 to 15 campaign ads a day for Mitt Romney; there's a slightly smaller amount for Barack Obama -- about eight to 13 campaign ads daily.

The most memorable campaign commercial in my opinion is for Barack Obama. It emphasizes citizens making their own health care decisions, moving forward (not back), and looking to the future (not the past). With each emphasized point, the positive message shows Barack Obama campaigning, while the negative message shows Mitt Romney campaigning. This is the commercial that made me decide it was time to delve deeper into what each candidate has done and what they want to accomplish.

My family is decidedly against Mitt Romney. They have been from day one. My mother says that Obama can only do so much in four years with all the bureaucracy and red tape in government. So, we need to give him another term to finish what he started: turning the economy around. I agree with them ultimately, but I wanted to check out my facts before coming to that conclusion.

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