First Person: 'Snowpocalypse' Starts with Sleet, Expected to Worsen

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Yahoo! News is gathering brief first-person accounts, photos and video from the severe winter weather in the northeastern United States. Here's one resident's story.

FIRST PERSON | BAYONNE, N.J. -- As the "snowpocalypse" bears down on the New York area, many of us are left waiting in suspense for how much the snow storm will affect us. As I walked the 15-minute trek from my home in Bayonne on my way to the train, I began to regret not bringing an umbrella, what with the snow-rain beating down on me. Even so, the weather did not seem all that intimidating as the snow turned into wet slush on the ground.

Before the storm prediction, there were plans to see friends, go to a bar, and say final see-you-laters to my grandma and aunt over the weekend. These relatives came all the way from the Philippines to attend my wedding back in November and then stayed in New York a few months longer. This week is their last week here, that is unless their airport shuts down or their flights get cancelled, which has been begun to happen with others. The weather has not been pleasant since my grandma arrived and after living through Hurricane Sandy and now this snow storm, I'm sure she'll be thrilled once she's back in the Philippines, where it's very sunny and warm.

While there were hopes of work being cancelled, my husband and I still clocked in roughly around 9 in the morning and my cousin who goes to high school in the Bronx trudged his way to classes. We later found out that where we both work in Manhattan, our offices are closing early today, his at 4:30 p.m. and mine around 3 p.m. Since we're going to have to still walk home from the train later today, I'm a bit anxious. This morning my husband noted that the slush from this morning will probably turn to ice and he just got an e-mail saying that Bayonne's street sweeping has been cancelled. I hope everyone travels safely.

For some reason some of my friends have been seeing gas lines that are a little reminiscent of Hurricane Sandy. Good thing I filled up my tank last week. Based on the advisory warning for Bayonne though, I don't plan on driving at all this weekend. I know that our cable lines were affected by Sandy and I hope this doesn't happen again this weekend, especially since my husband his to work from home on Sunday. At least my kitchen is reasonably stocked up on frozen waffles, canned food, and pasta.

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