First Person: Thanksgiving After Divorce Can Be Done -- But You Have to Try

The Story Behind the Thanksgiving Photo

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First Person: Thanksgiving After Divorce Can Be Done -- But You Have to Try

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Thanksgiving 2011. This year we're doing it again--reuniting a family that remained intact following …

Every photo has a story, and on this Thanksgiving, Yahoo! News asked readers to share one photo, and the story behind it, that holds meaning for them. Here's one.

FIRST PERSON | I'm writing this on my daughter Raquelle's* birthday. I'm in the red sweater on the left; Raquelle's right behind me. Her father and I were thrilled that she was a girl. We were just as happy when her sister Brittney (to my left) was born more than four years later. Now, to the far right is Martin (in lavender), my daughters' father. And the pretty woman with the red hair? That's Alice -- my ex's "new" wife.

If you had told me 31 years ago on the birth of our first daughter that her father and I would be divorced, that I would move to Malta (south of Sicily) and live with a man from Germany, I would have thought you were crazy. But it happened.

Now, every Thanksgiving, I come back to Boston and see Racquelle. Brittney flies in from San Francisco and my brother, Maris (in the blue plaid shirt), takes a Greyhound bus from Albany, N.Y., to be with our extended family.

We have dinner at Marc and Alice's home -- where I used to live. We're joined by several friends who have remained close to both of us.

It's a different kind of Thanksgiving, but it' still a good one.

* I've changed all the names.

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