First Person: From Toothpaste to Makeup to Foods, Avoiding Chemicals in Our Home

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Areport released Tuesday says the man-made chemicals in products we use every day-toys, perfumes, beverage containers and more-are likely responsible for at least some cancers, birth defects and psychiatric problems. How do parents approach the use of chemicals in their homes? Yahoo News asked for some perspectives. Here's one.

FIRST PERSON | The United Nations-sponsored report comes as no surprise to me.

As a 47-year-old mom in the Seattle area, I feel fortunate to live in a region where so many people are concerned about their health and the beautiful Pacific Northwest environment.

The health of our nation is in jeopardy due to the use of such chemicals, not just within certain products but in many of the foods we eat. After suffering from a chronic digestive condition for years, I began to embark on in-depth research into these toxins over a decade ago and made it a point to avoid them at all costs.

Many of our children have grown up in a world surrounded by potentially dangerous chemicals -- and think nothing about it although their friends, or even themselves may be suffering from the negative effects.

I've instilled the importance of avoiding these toxins (including synthetic medications and plastics with Bisphenol A, and nasty processed foods and beverages that contain chemicals like aspartame, food dyes and others) into my 17-year-old daughter so that she is armed with the knowledge to protect her health and prevent disease.

I know far too many children who have learning disabilities and other physical and mental health issues. The rise of these problems has skyrocketed, not coincidentally, to me at least, with the increase in the use of man-made chemicals that surround us almost everywhere we look.

In our house, we choose products made from as many natural ingredients as possible, from shampoo to makeup to toothpaste, and everything ingested or used on our body in any form. It's an easy to decision to make considering our health is at stake.

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