Five Takeaways from the Second Brown-Warren Debate

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Republican Sen. Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren met for the second of four debates Monday. The event was sponsored by the Boston Herald and the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. The hour-long clash was moderated by David Gregory, host of NBC's "Meet the Press." Unlike more traditional debates, the two candidates sat with the host as he questioned them as if they were guests on his television show. The debate was highlighted by heated exchanges between the rival candidates. If you missed the debate, WBUR has posted a full video of the event on YouTube. Here are five takeaways from the second debate:

Brown: "I'm not a student in your classroom."

At the end of an exchange where Warren was hammering Brown's Senate record, the Republican uttered the line certain to be the most talked about. As Warren listed a series of Brown's votes against Democrat-backed bills, Brown struggled to get in a word to defend himself. Finally, in exasperation, he chastised Warren with the one-liner above. For a candidate that's taken great pains to paint himself as a likable, regular guy, this line is the opposite.

Brown's Model Spreme Court Justice

Gregory asked the candidates who they considered to be their model Supreme Court justice. He first asked Brown, who appeared surprised by the question. After initially stumbling, he quickly named Scalia as his first choice. The crowd roundly booed his answer. As if suddenly realizing what he'd done, Brown immediately named three more justices, including moderate Kennedy, Chief Justice Roberts and Sotomayor. But the damage was done. Expect to see this clip in an attack ad coming to your TV soon.

Warren: Give Valentine A Chance

Near the end of the debate, Gregory asked the obligatory Boston sports questions. Turning to Warren, he asked if Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine should be get another chance. Warren, with the chagrin all long-time Red Sox fans know well, lamented the team's worst season in over forty years, but said that Valentine deserved another chance. Whatever your opinion may be, her easy answer rebuts charges that she is a Massachusetts outsider. Especially compared to Brown, who deflected the question as one best addressed by team management.

Warren: Trying to Make History

Gregory asked Warren why Massachusetts, a longtime bastion of liberalism, had never elected a female senator or governor. Warren calmly answered "I don't know," to the amusement of the crowd. When their response died down, she got in her best line of the night. "Right now I'm trying to do something about that," she quipped, to the raucous approval of the audience. Don't be surprised to see this line in a political ad sometime soon as well.

Brown: Working Hard For Warren

Brown's best line of the night came near the end of the debate. Gregory asked the candidates to name something they admired about their rival. Warren praised Brown's family, praised his vote to end "Don't Ask Don't Tell," and described him as a hard worker. Brown returned the favor, saying he heard from others that Warren was an excellent and "wonderful" professor at Harvard. He finished by saying, "So i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure she can continue to be in that position," to applause and chuckles from the crowd.

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