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Flooding and Damage to Dams Hit Marseilles, Ill., Hard

Marseilles a "City of Hope"

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Flooding and Damage to Dams Hit Marseilles, Ill., Hard

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Evacuation in progress at the corner of Bluff and Main st in Marseilles

MARSEILLES, Ill. -- On April 16, we were dealing with what I thought was our normal April rains. My new neighbor to the right of me came over to ask if I could help her since she had water in her basement. Unlike myself, my neighbor did not have a sump pump in her basement and since I had gone through a flood last year when my pump just couldn't keep up with the flash flood, I was happy to help. I grabbed a floor squeegee and off she went.

The rains continued over the next couple of days and even though my landlord installed larger pipes for my pump to extract water out along with a second pump to help insure I didn't flood, to be safe I started putting things up and off the floor in my own basement.

On April 18, that same neighbor came over in tears as she told me her son's house on Water St. in Marseilles was in jeopardy. You can see her helplessness as she worried for her son and his family. By the afternoon, the neighbors were talking about a barge or several barges slammed into our dam and that if the rains didn't stop water would spill over into the south end of our town, how much at that point we didn't know.

Later that evening the town was under an evacuation order and about 1,000 people were safely evacuated. The next day we were all in shock. Those on the North side of town were throwing out damaged items from the rains and flash flood while those on the south side lost everything. Every resident here in Marseilles has been effected by this disaster and has come together to help one another as the town assesses the damage and tries to clean up to see what is salvageable.

Anyone who would like to make a donation to help the flood victims can do so at the Marseilles Bank as an account has been set up for the flood victims. Anyone wanting to donate money can either call the bank (815-795-3900) or send it to: Marseilles Bank Flood Relief Fund 100 E. Bluff St. Marseilles, Il 61341

Also Marseilles Flood Victims Personal Products/Cleaning Supplies Event (Also food & pet supplies): Monday-Friday, April 22-26 at the Marseilles Lions Club at 511 Commercial St., Marseilles, IL 61341

I am very proud of this town and how everyone has come together to help one another during this time of crisis we are truly a "City with Hope." You can follow our progress and get updates on Facebook Marseilles A City of Hope

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