Forward: The Two Most Important Issues for President Obama

Health Care is Done, Now There is No Excuse to Take Care of Business

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A day after voters re-elected Barack Obama, Yahoo! asked them what they'd like the president to tackle in his second term. Here are one voter's thoughts.

COMMENTARY | On Tuesday night, President Obama won re-election much to the surprise of nearly half the nation and a large chunk of pundits. Being a resident of Bridgeport, Conn., my neighbors helped Obama win. Supporters and opponents all have different ideas of what is important for the president to focus on so I took to Twitter and asked my followers what Obama needs to make a priority in his second and last term. Jay C. pointed to Iran and said that that situation is "coming to a head."

First, several countries are claiming that Iran's underground nuclear refinement center is complete, according to a report from The New York Times. The Iranian goal of having weapons technology for delivering and detonating nukes may not be far away either. At the end of September, citing reports from the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) and the United Nations, Iran is well on its way to achieving those goals as well. That story unraveled when an Iranian national was caught exporting restricted technology from the U.S. to Iran (via China).

Second is the current fiscal situation; four years, $6 trillion more in debt. This is a never-ending topic that quite literally pays the bills for politicians, pundits, policy advisers, and government employees. Earlier today Speaker Boehner stepped to the microphones to put forth a debt deal.

Politico, the markets, and Jay C, were all concerned about the "fiscal cliff." And so am I. At 33, there is a good chance I could see the nation go belly up in my lifetime. But since the Senate majority leader Harry Reid and his colleagues have remained firm in their wishes concerning spending and taxation, we may see the same gridlock that plagued the legislature since 2010 when Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.

-- Douglas Stewart, 33, Bridgeport, Conn.

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