GameStop warns that Microsoft could ‘significantly diminish’ appeal for new Xbox if it bans used games
Xbox 720 Gamestop


Information surrounding Microsoft’s (MSFT) next-generation Xbox leaked earlier this week and suggested that the system will require an always-on Internet connection. The report also reinforced earlier rumors that claimed Microsoft’s new console would be unable to play used games. Speaking to Bloomberg on Friday, GameStop (GME) spokesman Matt Hodges cited a company survey that found consumers would be less likely to buy a console that limits trading in pre-owned games.

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“We know the desire to purchase a next-generation console would be significantly diminished if new consoles were to prohibit playing pre-owned games, limit portability or not play new physical games,” Hodges said.

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Microsoft is expected to unveil its next-generation Xbox at the E3 gaming conference this summer. The console is said to be equipped with a 1.6GHz eight-core AMD CPU, D3D11.x 800MHz graphics, and 8GB of RAM, along with a new Kinect sensor.

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