General Boykin to Beck: ‘I Believe Iran Has a Nuclear Warhead Now’

On the Glenn Beck Program tonight, Glenn welcomed two eminent guests with a great deal of experience analyzing the current state of world affairs to talk about the escalating tensions between Iran and Israel. Joining Glenn were General Jerry Boykin, and author Erick Stakelbeck, each of whom came equipped with a great deal of knowledge and some frightening predictions. Video and highlights follow:

"Don't worry, President Obama says he's not bluffing now, Glenn, he's not bluffing. He really means it this time," Stakelbeck said sarcastically. "When you have to reassure your enemies that you mean business, you're not bluffing, you're probably bluffing." When Glenn asked how close Iran was to having a nuclear weapon, Stakelbeck said he believed they were "very, very close." General Boykin was more pessimistic. "I have a different view, Glenn, I believe that Iran has a nuclear warhead now. Now, that's gonna shock a lot of people, but they've been working for 25 years and they've had the assistance of North Korea as well as the Russians. You don't work for 25 years without succeeding in the development of a warhead." Boykin also explained something Glenn called the "Bubba effect," named for the sort of person some would expect to be involved in anti-Islamic violence. Watch below: