George Zimmerman Not-Guilty Verdict Shows America Has a Long Way to Go

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Yahoo News asked Sanford, Fla., residents and others across the nation to react to the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman case and cultural issues surrounding the trial. Here's one response.

COMMENTARY | My heart was racing as I heard the verdict in the case against George Zimmerman. I had hoped that the jury would see the obvious in this case. While I am not privy to all of the information they had available to them, I believe that all you need to do is replace Trayvon Martin with a young blonde to realize the blatant racism involved.

What if Martin was a 17-year-old high school girl returning from the store with a bag of candy? What if it was dark and she noticed an older guy was following her in his car? And he stayed right behind her, making eye contact and she began to run?

The guy, who probably seemed a little creepy, got out and chased her. The girl was scared for her life and stopped to swing her gym bag at him, knocking him to the ground. The guy then pulls out his gun and shoots the young high school girl to death.

How would America and the jury react to that?

Just because someone is dark-skinned doesn't mean they are looking for trouble. Wearing a hoodie or baggie pants does not make him a criminal. I've known many teenagers who rebelled by wearing a look that appeared to make them seem "dangerous." It's part of being a teenager for more than a few. They don't deserve to get shot by someone on a power trip.

Trayvon Martin had hopes of going to aeronautic school. He had plans -- and those plans have been shot to pieces because of the prejudice that exists in America today.

When will America realize that we are all in this world together? There are good guys and bad guys within all races and all types of people. Unfortunately, it may take many generations before the majority of human beings realize this.

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