Given a Choice Between Romney and Obama, a Third Party Seems Attractive

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With three months to go before the election, Yahoo! News asked a handful of undecided voters how they're leaning in the presidential race. Here's a perspective from one voter.


I am an undecided voter, and I am disappointed with both major presidential candidates. I care most about health care and the economy. But I do not think Barack Obama will make the right choices on those issues. Yet Mitt Romney has not said or done anything that leads me to believe he would do a better job.

I have had difficulty gleaning any information from the candidates' speeches and ads, as they shy away from discussing any issue in depth. Given this, I am leaning toward voting for a third-party candidate in November.

These areas give me pause: health care, the economy, partisanship and foreign policy.

I favor leaving the Affordable Care Act in place. I believe that it will improve the health care system without impinging on Americans' freedoms. However, I do not think it is adequately funded, at least for the long term. This flaw (if it exists) could have serious long-term repercussions for Americans. Obama's recent remarks do not indicate a willingness to explore this issue. With regard to Medicare, the president has not put forth any proposals (that I have heard) to ensure that it remains viable for decades to come.

In the past, the president has not demonstrated that he can work with a Republican Congress to find ways to jump start the economy. He has not said anything on the campaign trail that leads me to believe that this situation will change.

I would gladly vote for Mitt Romney if I thought that he would steer to the middle-right. However:

* His remarks about the Affordable Care Act and his close affiliation with conservatives like Paul Ryan lead me to believe he would gravitate to the far right.

* I worry he would dismantle the Affordable Care Act and support a Ryan-style solution to Medicare.

* His proposed economic initiatives might harm the fragile U.S. economy.

* I worry Romney will make poor foreign policy decisions. His comments with regard to Jerusalem hint that he does not possess the flexibility or the creativeness to deal effectively with international issues.

I have been waiting for months for either candidate to allay my concerns by engaging Americans in a real discussion about the complex issues facing our country.

However, both candidates seem content to trade personal barbs and to rely on grandiose statements that lack substance. At this point in time, I do not think that either candidate has my best interests at heart. I am tempted to vote for a third-party candidate (any of them will do) to voice my displeasure with Obama, Romney, and the political system that put them in power.

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