Glam Slam: Adam Levine's Look Good Secret!

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Adam Levine --

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Adam Levine --

Adam Levine is one busy guy. The rock star-turned-actor-turned coach on NBC's "The Voice" now adds spokesperson to his growing empire.

Adam also recently signed on to be a spokesperson for Proactiv+. Surprisingly, this seemingly perfect guy suffers from acne.

"When I was in high school and I had acne I spent a lot of time sulking in my room. I was depressed. I was not happy, like I said high school is hard enough, but having this problem and knowing that everyone is looking at you in the hallways and I went to a small school and clearly nobody has acne like I did," reveals Adam.

It's hard to believe Adam looked anything but picture perfect. Yet, he admits he still struggles with his skin today, adding, "If you've got problems with your skin, like I said is I still use Proactiv+, dealing with [bad skin] is an important thing because you will probably be able to be a little happier. Like I said everyone is insecure to a certain point extent there's no, I'm not made of steel, things can bother me about my appearance all the time and they do."

...Hmmm! Adam is just like us.

-- Terri MacLeod

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