Glam Slam: It's Official, Summer's Here!

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Summer is here -- make sure you hit the beach in style! -- Getty Images

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Summer is here -- make sure you hit the beach in style! -- Getty Images

Yay! Today marks the official first Day of summer! Here are my favorite summer fashion staples and no, a bathing suit is not among the bunch!

White Rules: I love, love, love wearing white, mostly in the form of white denim... jeans and jean jackets are in regular rotation. Even maternity white jeans are getting plenty of play these days. I am also a sucker for little white dresses in eyelet or soft, washed linen and there's nothing like a crisp white blazer to help you look put-together.

Shorts: I don't have the greatest legs in the world, but I don't really care...I still love wearing shorts and, in fact, I am wearing them today at work. They aren't just cute, they are a necessity in the summer heat. Dress yours up with a cute top and jacket, throw on some heels and you're ready to hit the town.

The Summer Dress: Nothing beats a cotton sundress! So easy to stay cool and fresh and look polished at the same time. Easy, breezy!

Tank Tops: Another easy way to cool off. Tanks go with everything...shorts, jeans, skirts...even bathing suits. A great way to show off toned arms and a faux glow without showing too much skin.

Sandals! I am a flats kinda girl and I buy more cute, flat sandals than any other kind of shoe all year long. Sandals are a great way to experiment with trends and easily upgrade your outfits without too much commitment. Leopard print, neon colors, and studs...all work well on sandals and keep an outfit interesting. Sandals also show off your fun, summer pedi -- go for a bright color!

-- Ryan Patterson

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