Georgie Anne Geyer

WASHINGTON -- What a strange summer it's been:

-- When we can fly to Mars, but can't pay our grocery bill to the Chinese grocer.

-- When Mitt Romney runs for the presidency on everything that contradicts the good things he stood for when he was governor of Massachusetts and head of the Salt Lake City Olympics, and when he ignores the two wars that drained and deformed us under the last Republican president, but yet he would involve us in Iran, and thus Syria and God knows where else.

-- When the country is stricken with such drought and dramatic weather changes that our crops are wilting on the vine, but first lady Michelle Obama is reaching millions of people with her crusade against obesity.

-- When the rover that landed on Mars is named Curiosity, which is the one thing that many young Americans don't have today.

-- When the icebergs are melting and the temperatures in North America are reaching 104, 106 and even higher, and Greenland could soon be left with only a few cold fishing and farming towns as its ice melts away, and yet Republican naysayers still insist there is no climate change crisis.

-- When the United States boasts of its strategies of world peace and opens a huge new Institute of Peace across the street from the State Department, but we are harboring more gun nuts with dangerous ideologies (Colorado, Wisconsin) than ever.

-- When China has done the unthinkable at the London Olympics by actually apologizing to the world after its badminton team tried to throw a game (how uncommunist!), but Russia, whom one might expect to adopt more Western moral habits, was belaboring its arrest of the young Pussy Riot women who performed anti-Putin songs in Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior, by keeping them locked in a glass cage and threatening them with seven-year prison terms -- just like the Soviet days of yore.

-- When electricity went out in most of India for six days in the middle of summer, bewildering most international observers, who have said recently that Indian development was on a par with the Chinese. And when reports have surfaced about the alarming numbers of wild dogs in Indian cities that bite people freely, kill pet dogs and spread rabies. (India, a new superpower? Are they kidding?)

-- When the first challenge of the first Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, is to put down, not anti-Muslim or Christian or European colonialist rebellion, but Islamic radicals who are already fighting to turn the entire Sinai into a new caliphate.

-- When the American people, basking in the supposed new protection of drones and robotic defenses, begin to understand that drones that go one way to kill can also go back the other way to kill.

-- When the U.S. military, ignoring the fact that its country is broke, is making grand new announcements of moving from the disastrous Middle East corridor to the new "Pacific corridor" to contain China.

-- When China's ruling Communist Party politburo, made up mostly of engineers, is preening in its successes of the last few years, the growth of power in the new "Middle Kingdom" actually is passing to the Chinese military, whose rise the rest of the world has barely noticed.

-- When even conservative Arab countries sent women athletes to the Olympics for the first time to compete, but still had to be clothed like Eskimos from head to foot, so it was not surprising they did not win anything. Still -- good show!

-- When day after day, Wall Street companies failed, exploded with corruption, and then failed again, as though the entire rotten structures are too much to bear, yet President Obama still hesitates to "hang somebody," or make public display of their shame so the American people could really understand.

-- When Facebook continues to make a fortune on its unique social media sensation, but can't put out a public stock without impoverishing believers.

-- When three cities in California suddenly went bankrupt in close succession, and other cities such as Chicago are so deeply in debt they just don't do much of anything, yet we keep giving money to military agendas as though our purses will be full tomorrow.

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