GOP Congressman’s Gay Son Claims CNN, MSNBC Cancelled When He Refused to Bash His Dad for Not Supporting Gay Marriage

During an interview Sunday, Rep. Matt Salmon's (R-Ariz.) gay son told KPNX-TV that CNN and MSNBC cancelled interviews with him after he told them he would not bash his father for his stance against gay marriage.

Matt R. Salmon told KPNX-TV that he is disappointed that his father has not changed his position on gay marriage, however, he still enjoys a good relationship with him and supports him. He also said his father is not a "bigot."

"People want controversy," Salmon said.

Accused of canceling the interviews are MSNBC's "The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell" and CNN's "Piers Morgan Live."

The younger Salmon said MSNBC cancelled his scheduled interview because "they had intended to be critical of him and" he was unwilling to do so. Additionally, he claimed CNN was "very gung ho" about doing an interview but then became disinterested when he reiterated he wouldn't attack his dad.

Both MSNBC and CNN have refuted Salmon's claim.

An MSNBC spokeswoman told BuzzFeed that "a producer had initial conversations with Matt, like we do with many potential guests every day, but he was never formally booked for the show."

A source "close to Piers Morgan's show" said Salmon's account "isn't accurate."

"The show simply booked up with other guests on a different topic. Happens all the time in cable news," the source told BuzzFeed.