Gov. Quinn Signs Bill to Avoid 1,900 Layoffs, Seven Facility Shutdowns

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has signed into law a $270 million budget deal that will halt close to 1,900 layoffs and prevent the immediate shutdown of seven facilities in the state until at least July 1. The budget deal will shift money in the state's treasury and also restore some grants for some social services.

Slated for closure were mental health centers in Chester, Rockford and Tinley Park; centers for developmentally disabled in Dixon and Jacksonville; a prison in Lincoln; and a youth detention center in Murphysboro. Here are some facts about this proposed layoff and other recent layoffs in the state.

* Initially, Gov. Quinn asserted the state would have to lay off more than 1,900 employees and close seven facilities to avoid a partial government shutdown this spring, according to Bloomberg.

* Three months before the proposed layoffs and shutdowns, Illinois lawmakers approved a $33.2 billion general fund budget, although Gov. Quinn emphasized it was not enough to continue running state services.

* The issue of layoffs as the result of Illinois' corporate income tax has also been at the center of debate, specifically following the hike to 7 percent in early 2011, noted the Huffington Post.

* Illinois Republicans are proposing scaling back the corporate income tax rate, but opponents, including the governor, argue this will create a budget shortfall and lead to further layoffs of state employees, especially teachers.

* Chicago Breaking Business News reported that in February, Kmart, along with six other companies, announced planned layoffs, with Kmart cutting 144 jobs as a result of closing retail locations in Franklin Park and Washington.

* Gold Standard Baking cut 73 jobs, AGI North America cut 70 jobs and Gray Interplant Systems cut 167 jobs.

* Another article from the Chicago Tribune reported that in September, state filings indicated that more than 1,500 layoffs in Illinois would occur in the following two months.

* Lowe's, Morse Calipers, Swissport Cargo Services, Fortune Brands and several other companies indicated layoffs of workers from reasons ranging from lost contracts to buyouts to relocation.

* According to the Associated Press, since 2007, Illinois has cut more than 4,000 government jobs and currently has the smallest ratio of public employees per 1,000 residents with only 4.1

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