• John McCain's explanation for why he doesn't use email is absolute gold

    Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) just gave a candid...

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  • Here are 7 racist jokes Ferguson police and court officials made over email

    The US Department of Justice found many, many things wrong in its investigation into the Ferguson Police Department, including a pattern of racial bias. A March 2010 email mocked African Americans with horrible stereotypes about their families and how they speak. An April 2011 email depicted…
  • The NIH Needs More Funding -- Here's A Proposal That Can Help

    It cannot be argued that finding a major new source of NIH funding would have a major impact on the nation’s health and well-being.

  • Gov. Christie declares State of Emergency in New Jersey

    Governor Chris Christie has declared a State of Emergency in New Jersey.

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  • Central Florida man killed by police serving search warrant

    By Barbara Liston ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters) - A 26-year-old Central Florida man died after being shot in the face early on Wednesday morning by a sheriff’s deputy attempting to serve a search warrant in a narcotics investigation, authorities said. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office reported in a…

  • 'Right-to-work' working through Assembly; Walker will sign Monday

    There's little doubt right-to-work legislation will work its way right through the state Assembly, but debate will likely run through the night as legislators predict a marathon, 24-hour session on the controversial labor bill. Under Wisconsin's Republican-backed bill, anyone implementing those…

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  • Kurdistan: Arm the Peshmerga Directly, Provide Support for Refugees

    House Resolution 5747, a bipartisan bill giving President Obama the temporary authority to directly arm the Kurdish Peshmerga in their fight against ISIL, is circulating in Congressional offices, gaining more and more support amongst members of the U.S. Congress. Recent visits to Erbil by U.S.…

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  • Q&A: Sen. Susan Collins tackles retirement issues

    Retirement security is one of Sen. Susan Collins' top priorities.

  • Five Takeaways From the King v. Burwell Arguments

    1. As usual, it (probably) comes down to Justice Anthony Kennedy. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the thrust of his early questioning, which was based on a rather subtle point that did not feature prominently in the argumentation below but did surface powerfully in several amicus…

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  • Veterans Group To Sue State Department Over Clinton Benghazi Emails And Phone Logs

    The group Veterans for a Strong America plans to sue the State Department over a Freedom of Information Action request it filed for Hillary Clinton’s emails and phone logs from the days before and after the attack at Benghazi. Joel Arends, the group’s chairman and founder, has brought on Mark Zaid,…

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  • Chilean leader's popularity hit by son's scandal

    Chilean President Michelle Bachelet's popularity has plunged to the lowest level of her current administration, a poll found Tuesday after a scandal erupted over a loan to her son's family. Bachelet's approval rating fell five points in February to 39 percent, said polling firm Adimark, adding that…

  • Libya makes urgent appeal to UN to lift embargo on weapons

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Libya made an urgent appeal Wednesday to the U.N. Security Council to either lift an arms embargo completely or allow exemptions so that its army can fight the rising threat of the Islamic State and other militant groups. Diplomats said Libya has made a sizeable request in the…

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  • Obama's 'Very Interested' in Executive Tax Hikes?!

    I told you these executive orders were getting out of control. Now President Obama is seriously thinking of hiking taxes with just the stroke ... of a pen.

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  • Top U.S. regulators request more time in MetLife lawsuit

    U.S. regulators on Tuesday asked for more time to react to a complaint by MetLife (MET.N) over their decision to subject the insurer to tougher oversight, and requested a judgment in the lawsuit early next year. Critics of the Financial Stability Oversight Council's move to label MetLife…

  • Polish PM Chastises Deputy for Warnings Over Ukraine

    Poland's prime minister has chastised her coalition partner for describing Ukraine's economy as on the brink of disintegration and suggesting Poland could face a flow of hundreds of thousands of refugees across its frontiers. Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz was quoted as saying, "We need fewer critics…

  • California Republicans take on teachers' union in package of education bills

    By Sharon Bernstein SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - California Republican lawmakers on Wednesday announced a package of bills to dramatically change the way public school teachers are hired, fired and evaluated, embracing controversial education reforms in the most populous U.S. state. The bills,…

  • Hillary Clinton says she wants the public to see her email

    Hillary Clinton wants the public to see her emails; the House Budget Committee’s top Democrat jumps into the Maryland Senate race; Scott Walker leads in a poll of Republican presidential hopefuls; and ...

  • High-Stakes Netanyahu Speech for John Boehner

    What was the real deal with the Benjamin Netanyahu speech this week? It seems that Speaker John Boehner might have been set up by his own party. In fact, he may have been held out to dry by the proverbial right wing of the Republican Party to deliver the Israeli prime minister in a certain manner…

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