Greek strikes halt public transport

Associated Press
People flag down taxis during a public transport strike in Athens on Monday, Dec. 13, 2010. Workers at public transport services and a state-owned bank began strikes Monday, starting off a week of protests against a shake-up of labor rules in crisis-hit Greece. Transport services in greater Athens halted for more than six hours, a day before parliament was due to vote on the proposed changes that include deeper pay cuts for employees at state companies and a reduction of collective bargaining rights in the private sector. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

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Strikes have brought public transport services in greater Athens to a halt, causing traffic jams as unions protest against austerity measures in crisis-hit Greece.

Commuters pooled cars and taxis to get to work as Tuesday's 24-hour strike stopped all state-run urban transport services.

A general strike Wednesday is set to ground flights, close schools and disrupt services.

The latest action is in reaction to a shake-up of Greek labor rules that includes fresh pay cuts and involuntary staff transfers in the public sector.

The Socialist-led parliament is due to pass the legislation late Tuesday. Government officials say the overhaul is required to continue receiving loans from a euro110 billion ($146 billion) international bailout fund.

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