Guinea: Police disperse fighting with tear gas

Associated Press

CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) — Anti-riot police dispersed protesters in the Medina market of Guinea's capital, after a riot broke out between sellers from the Peul and Malinke ethnic groups, the two largest ethnicities in the country.

Tensions between the Peul and Malinke have been high ever since the 2010 presidential election, which was won by Malinke politician Alpha Conde. He is accused of favoring his ethnic group in appointments to government ministries.

On Friday, an AP reporter saw police firing tear gas to break up the fighting. The two ethnic groups sell different items in the Medina market, with the Malinke mainly selling automobile parts, while the Peul have boutiques for food and second-hand clothes.

Witnesses in the Peul-dominated Bambeto and Cosa neighborhoods said they saw crowds stop taxis and yank out Malinke passengers.

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