Hagel Record on Israel, Iran Should Prompt Obama's Second Thoughts

Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense? Not for Middle Peace

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Yahoo News asked military service members, veterans and military families to react to the nomination of Chuck Hagel to the defense secretary post and what changes they'd like to see at the department. Here's one perspective.

COMMENTARY | If you ask this former Vietnam War Army medic, President Barack Obama must not nominate Chuck Hagel as defense secretary.

There are many choices out there for Obama to choose from, but Hagel's track record is less than desirable.

Sen. Hagel is not a staunch defender of Israel. He's talked about the influence of the "Jewish lobby" in Washington, he's called for unconditional talks with Iran and he's soft on Hezbollah and Hamas. Thus, he will certainly act as a serious roadblock in our efforts for peace and resolution in the Middle East. His record and viewpoints regarding the region's governments are extreme. In this time of political turmoil in the region, that's a mark against Hagel.

Hagel will weaken America's strength politically and impair the morale of our warriors on the front. Our troops will have to endure his ideals under his command and we can't afford to dither during conflicts.

It is with high hopes Obama will re-consider and nominate someone with the character and strength of a Gen. Colin Powell. We need a leader to take action against Syria or Iran now, when the threat of nuclear terrorism is imminent. If nominated, our nation will be deeply divided. We need to stand firm that this top Pentagon job goes to someone who will effectively lead American troops and craft a non-divisive policy in the Middle East.

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