'Hawken' clip is a barrage of mechanical combat

Fight for the future in 'Hawken'

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Fight for the future in 'Hawken'

Futuristic multiplayer battler Hawken invites players to squeeze inside a robotic war machine before knocking the daylights out of each other.

Despite its polished looks, Hawken is only the first title from the dozen-strong studio Adhesive Games.

The latest trailer comes just as a new website opens up to support the game, and beta sign-ups are being accepted for those who want to try out the PC multiplayer.

The trailer follows on from news that the Hawken team's publisher, Meteor Entertainment, raised a cool $10 million in venture capital funding ahead of an anticipated December 12 release -- not long after MechWarrior Online and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor take their first robotic steps back into the Mech genre.

"March 2012 Gameplay" Trailer: http://youtu.be/XFbTYybOHtM
Official website and beta sign-up: playhawken.com


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