• Mother of newborn baby found in trash arrested

    KEARNS, Utah (AP) — A Utah woman accused of dumping her day-old baby in a neighbor's trash can told police she was afraid to tell her parents about the pregnancy and hoped the newborn's death would solve her problems, a probable cause statement shows.

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  • Science just gave us another great reason to legalize pot

    We’ve learned about a couple of good medical benefits to marijuana this year and now it seems there’s another one: Using medicinal marijuana makes it less likely that you’ll become hooked on painkillers. CNN reports that a new study published this in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal finds that…

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  • 10 Foods to Eat So You Never Have to Diet

    Garlic This herb does more than just give meals extra flavor and scent—it can also help keep your tummy flat through its naturally occurring chemical allicin, says registered dietitian andNutritious Life founder Keri Glassman. “Beans are unique in that they offer significant amounts of both fiber…

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  • Pill Identifier review

    Identify those loose pills which you are not sure of, using Pill Identifier App Get the detailed description of over 10000 medications found in
  • I'm Making a Difference by Improving Hospital Care for Kids

    I am the 14-year-old Founder and President of Positive Impact for Kids. My 501(c)(3) non-profit strives to improve the lives of hospitalized children and teenagers receiving inpatient medical care in the United States.I was born with a congenital heart condition. While anxiously waiting for test…

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  • Medtronic Acquires Sapiens SBS to Boost Neuromodulation Biz

    Medtronic's (MDT) acquisition of Sapiens SBS will allow the former to gain greater traction in the emerging neuro-medicine market

  • For MS Patients, Wii Game Strengthens Brain

    Researchers in Italy found that men and women with mild-to-moderate MS symptoms who exercised at home for 12 weeks with a Nintendo Wii balance board system showed more positive-changes in areas of the brain responsible for balance and movement than people with MS who received no balance training.…
  • 6 Eating Mistakes That Undo Your Workouts

    Training hard and not experiencing results is discouraging. Unfortunately, it occurs much too often. And the prime suspect is diet. You can follow the best training program on the planet,

  • Obamacare has a CEO tax — and it just raised $72 million

    A little-known Obamacare tax on health insurance executives' salaries raised $72 million in new revenue last year.
  • Adding therapy to meds may speed depression recovery for some

    By Kathryn Doyle NEW YORK (Reuters) - For about a third of people with depression, adding cognitive therapy to treatment with antidepressant medication helps them reach remission and recovery quicker, according to a new study. “We know they both work so you assume when you put them together it’s…

  • No Dietary Supplement Treats Concussions, FDA Warns

    Consumers should beware of dietary supplements that claim to treat a concussion, the U.S. "Exploiting the public's rising concern about concussions, some companies are offering untested, unproven and possibly dangerous products that claim to prevent, treat or cure concussions and other traumatic…
  • The Cost of Caring for Aging Parents

    As the best-selling author Gail Sheehy famously documented in her 2010 book, "Passages in Caregiving," caring for an ailing loved one can be an overwhelming, chaotic and stressful task. A report released this summer, "Caught in the Middle: How Does the Sandwich Generation Woman Not Get Squeezed?"…

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    Kite Pharma's positive cancer drug study results

    Kite Pharma is working on a treatment which involves taking a cancer patient's own t-cells out of their body, genetically modifying them to better target cancer, and then re-administering them. Its CEO Arie Belldegrun, provides insight to the positive ...

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  • E-cigarettes hooking more high school kids

    E-cigarettes boosting number of teens who say they’ll try regular smokes, too, a new survey shows.

  • Hottest Trainer 2014: Hottest Trainer Contestant #7: Almas Meirmanov

    Welcome to Racked Vegas' search for Las Vegas' hottest trainer. Over the coming weeks, we'll profile eight smoking locals—fitness experts who not only look hot in Spandex, but can make you look amazing too. Once you've gotten to know everyone,...

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  • U.N. scientist arrives in Germany for Ebola treatment

    A scientist infected with Ebola arrived in Germany for medical treatment on Wednesday.

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  • Boy hurt in California quake: 'I should be dead'

    DAVIS, Calif. (AP) — Thirteen-year-old Nicholas Dillon's screams could be heard throughout his pitch black house when the earth shook and the falling bricks hit him. His mother, who later called it the worst night of her life, couldn't get to him.

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  • Biotech firm's GM mosquitoes to fight dengue in Brazil

    It's a dry winter day in southeast Brazil, but a steamy tropical summer reigns inside the labs at Oxitec, where workers are making an unusual product: genetically modified mosquitoes to fight dengue fever. The British biotech firm has altered the DNA of the Aedes aegypti mosquito to prevent it from…

  • CVS Doubles Up Walgreen In Hospital Deals As Obamacare Pushes Collaboration

    CVS Caremark (CVS) pushed further ahead of rival Walgreen (WAG) in launching today more partnerships with hospitals and health care systems as clinical affiliations become more common in the era of the Affordable Care Act. CVS/Caremark’s announcement today that it has entered into a clinical…