• Are coffee and wine good for you?

    For many people, the day begins with a cup of coffee and ends with a glass of red wine. If you have seen the headlines touting the health benefits of both beverages—and you’re among the 61 percent of Americans who down a daily cup of java or the 31 percent of drinkers who prefer a glass of wine to…
  • Why do some survive Ebola? Sierra Leone study offers clues

    By Julie Steenhuysen CHICAGO (Reuters) - An analysis of the first Ebola cases in Sierra Leone helps draw a clearer picture of why some people survive the disease, while others do not, including their age and the pace at which the virus replicates within their body. The study published Wednesday is…

  • How Tripping On Mushrooms Changes The Brain

    Tripping on magic mushrooms may actually free...

    Business Insider
  • I Lost 150 Pounds... And My Fiancé

    Eve Parker shed 150 pounds, but in order to sustain her healthy lifestyle, she also had to shed her fiancé. At 350 pounds, the 5'3 Parker was engaged to a man who was, according to her, "obsessed with obese women." When she made the steps to lose weight, she had to accept her relationship's…

    Huffington Post
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    Ebola outbreak in West Africa (106 photos)

    A U.S. Army two-star general and 11 of his staff are being isolated at the base in Italy upon returning from serving in West Africa to help with the Ebola fight. The general and his staff were met by Italian security officials wearing full hazardous materials suits when they arrived in Vicenza,…

    Yahoo News
  • Novo Nordisk more cautious on timing of U.S. Tresiba launch

    COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Novo Nordisk is more cautious in its assessment of when it would launch its Tresiba diabetes drug in the United States, a critical growth driver for the future, according to statements it made in its quarterly report. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refused in…

  • UK MPs debate drugs policy as study backs decriminalisation

    London (AFP) - British MPs were debating drugs policy on Thursday as a Home Office study backed decriminalisation of mood-altering substances.

  • First marijuana planted for medical use in Chile

    A Chilean municipality planted the country's first medical marijuana on Wednesday as part of a pilot program aimed to help ease the pain of cancer patients. The 850 seeds were imported from the Netherlands, ...

    Associated Press
  • Nintendo's getting into the health business with a device that monitors your sleep

    Nintendo revealed first details about its health-focused QOL platform, which stands for "quality of life," announcing a new sensor that monitors and analyzes you while you sleep. In a presentation, Nintendo described the QOL device as having "five 'non' sensing" features: It will be non-wearable,…

  • Major Poultry Processor Cited For Appalling Labor Practices

    WASHINGTON -- One of the nation's leading poultry processors exposed its line workers to painful musculoskeletal injuries and discouraged them from reporting those injuries to doctors, an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found on Wednesday.Wayne Farms, which bills…

    Huffington Post
  • People with celiac disease more likely to fracture bones

    By Katryn Doyle (Reuters Health) - People diagnosed with celiac disease are almost twice as likely as those without it to break a bone, according to a new review of the evidence. More studies are needed, though, to see if people whose celiac hasn’t been diagnosed yet are at similar risk,…

  • Malpractice 'Caps' Treat Women, Children and Seniors as Second-Class Citizens

    When an injured patient "wins" a medical malpractice case, where does the money go? Well, if he or she needs medical care, the money pays for that care, which the person did not need until they were hurt. In other words, much of the money (ironically) goes right back into the health care system to…

    Huffington Post
  • Neal Baer and Dan Truly Land Public Health Drama at CBS

    “Under the Dome’s” Neal Baer has added a third project to his 2015 development roster, teaming again with scribe Dan Truly for an untitled medical drama at CBS. The pair are co-writing and exec producing the CBS TV Studios pilot that follows Los Angeles’ female director of public health, who…

  • Right Time to Invest in Health Insurance Stocks?

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that by 2020, approximately 24 million people will purchase coverage through the new federal and state health insurance exchanges established by the ...

  • [video] Opinion: Eat Fat to Get Thin

    Author Nina Teicholz on why Americans should stop believing the bad science behind their low-fat diets. Photo credit: Getty Images.

  • National Business Group on Health Sees Profound Implications for Corporate Wellness Programs from EEOC Lawsuit Against Honeywell International

    WASHINGTON, D.C. / ACCESSWIRE / October 29, 2014 / The National Business Group on Health today said the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) lawsuit against Honeywell International will have ...

  • Penn State’s Ryan Keiser underwent surgery to repair bowel injury

    Now, unfortunately, we have some details as to what led to the season-ending injury for one of two Penn State seniors. Monday, the Nittany Lions announced that Ryan Keiser would miss the rest of the 2014 season because of an unspecified injury.  Tuesday, head coach James Franklin added some clarity…

    NBC Sports
  • FDA Approves Meningitis B Vaccine

    The first vaccine designed to prevent a common type of bacterial meningitis has been approved for use in the United States. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today that it has approved Trumenba, which is made by a subsidiary of Pfizer called Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. The vaccine is intended…
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