• Outrage over 10-year-old Paraguayan pregnant by stepfather

    The case of a 10-year-old girl raped and impregnated by her stepfather has triggered outrage in Paraguay, where the health minister has blocked her from having an abortion. The girl's mother has been arrested for helping her partner, Gilberto Benitez Zarate, flee from the authorities after his…

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  • Cuba says to send 48-member medical team to Nepal

    The Cuban government will send a 48-member medical team including 22 doctors to Nepal in response to the April 25 earthquake that killed more than 7,600 people, official Cuban media said on Wednesday, citing Health Ministry officials. The Communist government has traditionally sent medical teams…

  • Governor signs bill to close Montana Developmental Center

    Gov. Steve Bullock signed a bill Wednesday to close the Montana Developmental Center and move most of the 53 people with severe intellectual disabilities, mental health issues and personality disorders ...

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  • The 3 deadliest drugs in America are all totally legal

    As the US debates drug policy reforms and marijuana legalization, there's one aspect of the war on drugs that remains perplexingly contradictory: some of the most dangerous drugs in the US are legal. One driver of tobacco and alcohol deaths is that both substances are legal and easily available.…
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    Nearly all Irish adults are likely to be overweight in 15 years' time, according to a study warning of an European "obesity crisis of enormous proportions". Worldwide obesity, meanwhile, is reportedly causing about five per cent of all deaths and costing the global economy $2 trillion in healthcare…

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  • Steps to take when an injury happens at work

    How employers respond to these accidents can make all the difference. Care for your employee first Your employees’ safety comes first and getting an injured employee treatment quickly is crucial. In non-emergency situations, transport the injured employee to a medical care facility. You can consult…

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  • Pharmaceutical firm wants lethal injection drugs returned

    A drugmaker has asked states to return supplies of the company's products that could be used for lethal injection in a broad request that included states that don't use the drugs in question. Lake Forest, ...

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  • Former Raiders RB Marv Hubbard loses battle to cancer at age 68

    Former Raiders standout running back Marv Hubbard has died after a long battle with prostate cancer, the Bay Area News Group has reported. He was 68.

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  • What Pregnancy Really Does to Your Body

    Baby weight is just one of the ways your body changes after pregnancy.

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  • Design for Her Daughter: One Mother's Journey

    On a 2012 medical mission trip to Belize City, Belize, Alden Ramsey of the eponymous Alden Skirts looked at the over 100 families crowding the city hospital and found herself wondering. Many of these families had traveled days and nights to receive treatment from doctors who volunteered with…

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  • Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge undergoes hip surgery

    The Reds' striker will now begin his rehabilitation towards next season after a disappointing campaign riddled with injuries.

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  • UnitedHealth Widens Telehealth Coverage To Millions Of Americans

    UnitedHealth Group (UNH) is offering the widest health insurance coverage yet of doctor visits via telemedicine, offering access to three different medical care provider networks that connect physicians and patients via smart phone, tablet or computer. UnitedHealth, the nation’s largest health…

  • J&J to consult ethicists on requests for experimental drugs

    By Sharon Begley NEW YORK (Reuters) - Johnson & Johnson will become the first pharmaceutical company to formally seek advice from outside medical ethicists on "compassionate use" requests, in which desperate patients ask drugmakers to let them take an experimental medication, the company announced…

  • Chinese startup bets on $5.6B healthcare revamp

    While most have no medical background and would make just as much money ringing up groceries, seismic shifts in China's healthcare industry may set them at the nexus of big pharma amid an aging population of 1.3 billion customers.

  • Weight Watchers reports 1Q loss

    On a per-share basis, the New York-based company said it had a loss of 10 cents. Losses, adjusted for one-time gains and costs, came to 9 cents per share. The results beat Wall Street expectations. The ...

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  • Step into something more seamless.

    Like the HD Voice & Video of the Galaxy S6 when powered by Verizon.

  • US must lead on AIDS funding: Elton John

    Elton John forecast Wednesday the end of AIDS in his lifetime -- but only if the United States keeps leading the world in bankrolling its eradication. The British pop music icon and AIDS activist was the star turn at a Senate hearing on future funding for the United States' core global AIDS…

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    Manny Pacquiao Faces Lawsuit Over Allegedly Concealed Injury

    Some think that shoulder injury could have had an impact on the outcome of the fight.

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