• Bodyshamed Mother Inspires Other Women To Proudly Share Pics Of Their Mum Bods

    New mum Mel Rymill was told she must “obviously” want to lose her baby weight by her personal trainer. A mum who was told she must “obviously” want to lose her baby weight, has kick-started a trend of women baring their mum bods on social media. Mel Rymill, from Australia, garnered support after…

  • CrossFit athlete, 77, makes full-body transformation

    For anyone thinking they're too old to work out, Constance Tillet would look you in the face and say "Get up and do it. Stop with the whining"

    CBS News
  • At least 3 dead, gunman arrested after fatal siege at Colorado abortion clinic

    Police arrested a gunman who stormed a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Colorado Springs on Friday and opened fire with a rifle in an attack that left at least three dead and about nine other people injured, authorities said. The suspect first engaged in a protracted gun battle with police but…

    Yahoo News Digest
  • The PMS Package will mail you a box of treats right before your period every month

    The PMS Package that recently went viral unfortunately doesn’t feature soft pretzels, but offers women a mix of sweet treats, such as Christmas-themed Jelly Bellys and a pair of socks with reindeers on them. The PMS Packages start at $12.99 U.S. per month for the Mini Package and go up to $34.99…

    Melissa Dunne
  • Mixed drinks with diet beverages may boost breath alcohol levels

    By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters Health) - People who mix alcohol and diet drinks end up with more alcohol on their breath, according to a new study. People who drank vodka mixed with diet soda had higher alcohol concentrations on their breath than those who drank the same amount of vodka mixed with…

  • Can You Really Catch Up On Sleep?

    It’s America’s favorite weekend activity: catching up on sleep. But when you sleep in, are you really making up for lost sleep?“That’s a hard one to get a lot of consensus on in the sleep community,” says sleep medicine physician W. Christopher Winter, owner of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep…

    Huffington Post
  • Diet can help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder in gloomy winter months

    Can diet affect our mental health, too? Heading into winter is the perfect time of year to ask this question because mental health problems are common in Canada, and they become even more common in the winter. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto reports that each year, 1 in 5…

    Tumblr Contributors
  • Former FIFA president Joao Havelange hospitalized in Rio

    Former FIFA president Joao Havelange is being treated in a Rio de Janeiro hospital for respiratory problems. The 99-year old Brazilian, who handed over the FIFA presidency in 1998 to Sepp Blatter, was hospitalized a year ago for a similar problem. ''He is in stable condition,'' Rio Hospital…

    The Associated Press
  • Costco: E. coli inquiry looks at vegetable mix

    Costco Wholesale Corp. said federal investigators are examining whether the celery and onion mix used in the retailer’s rotisserie chicken salad was the source of an E. coli outbreak that infected 19 people....

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    Tips to prevent, lessen severity of cold or flu

    From cryotherapy to adding the right supplements to your routine, there are a list of things you can do to prevent or lessen the severity of the cold or flu.

    KABC – Los Angeles
  • Novartis’s Cosentyx: Europe’s First IL-17A Inhibitor for Some Uses

    Novartis’s (NVS) Cosentyx (secukinumab) is the first interleukin-17A (or IL-17A) inhibitor available in Europe for ankylosing spondylitis (or AS) and psoriatic arthritis (or PsA).

    Market Realist
  • 8 Fall Foods I Eat to Improve My Mood

    Fall foods I use to boost my mood include acorn squash, cinnamon, eggplants, and apples. (Jeff Wasserman/Stocksy; (2); Mark Fleming/Stocksy)  

    Everyday Health on Yahoo
  • Cost of Skin Drugs Rising Rapidly, Study Shows

    Retail prices of 19 brand-name prescription drugs for dermatologic conditions ranging from acne to cancer increased fivefold on average between 2009 and 2015, according to a study.

    The Wall Street Journal
  • Tired of Calorie-Restrictive Cleanses? Try a Teatox

    Adding a series of teas to your diet can be detoxing. Have you tried a hunger-ridden juice cleanse only to break your diet in a midnight snacking frenzy after laying in bed with a rumbling tummy? Teatoxing allows you to cleanse while you eat, since being satisfied is an important part of creating a…

    Yahoo Beauty Staff
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  • Mirko Cro Cop Suspended for Two Years for Doping Violation

    Although he retired in the days leading up to the public revelation that he had failed a UFC drug test, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic on Wednesday became the first UFC fighter officially sanctioned under the promotion's drug testing program administered by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Cro Cop…

    MMA Weekly
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    State trooper shot on I-676 released from hospital, suspect charged

    A Pennsylvania State Trooper shot Tuesday on I-676 in Center City Philadelphia has been released from the hospital.

    KABC – Los Angeles
  • Linked to E. coli outbreak: Farm recalls produce used in Costco salad

    A California farm is recalling a vegetable mix believed to be the source of E. coli in Costco chicken salad linked to an outbreak that has sickened 19 people in seven states, the Food and Drug Administration said Thursday. The foods range from Thai-style salads to packaged dinners and wraps, and…

    Yahoo News Digest
  • Did UnitedHealth Group Just Signal the Doom of Obamacare Exchanges?

    The big health insurer might pull out of Obamacare. Could this be the beginning of the end for the exchanges?

    Motley Fool