• The NFL's Drug Testing Policy Is Completely Ridiculous

    Cleveland Brown's wide receiver Josh Gordon...

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  • Top doctor dies from Ebola after treating dozens

    FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — A leading doctor who risked his own life to treat dozens of Ebola patients died Tuesday from the disease, officials said, as a major regional airline announced it was suspending flights to the cities hardest hit by an outbreak that has killed more than 670 people.

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  • Some Products Should Be Free

    I feel silly for not figuring out how to get free samples sooner. It is so darn easy, my toddler could do this!

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  • Skype Your Doctor For Your Next Checkup With This App

    Visit the HealthTap website and you’ll learn the real reason why we have doctors: to make us “feel good.”

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  • [video] What and How Every Toddler Needs to Eat

    Is your toddler getting enough of the nutrients crucial to his or her first few years? Dr. Scott Cohen, a board-certified pediatrician and author, discusses on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero. Photo: Getty...

  • 5 Foods That Stain Your Teeth

    After my morning cup of coffee, leftover pasta with tomato sauce for lunch, and snacking on some fresh cherries, I combed over my finalized list of foods that stain your teeth and realized how many foods on that list that I had just eaten. On a daily basis, we consume an array of foods that really…

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    Surgeon General Issues Skin Care Warning

    The United States surgeon general issued a warning Tuesday, calling skin cancer a major public health problem that requires immediate action.

  • [video] Heavy Drinking Shows Impact Later in Life

    People who have a history of drinking problems by the time they are middle-aged are more than twice as likely to exhibit memory problems in later life as those who don’t. WSJ's Melinda Beck has the details ...

  • The problem with health-care cost transparency

    Here's the problem with a recent attempt by the government to make health costs more transparent, says the CEO of Change Healthcare, a firm that tracks medical claims.

  • 2014 - Get Even With Your Auto Insurance Company!

    No DUI? Drive less than 100 miles a day? You qualify for the lowest possible insurance rates offered in the U.S. Compare up to 4 quotes in minutes.

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  • Obamacare giveth, taketh away from hospitals

    The Obamacare program of expanding Medicaid is helping hospital bottom lines in many states-but looming cuts could snatch some of that money back.

  • This Dog Helped His Owner Through Testicular Cancer

    After being diagnosed with testicular cancer, one man found support in an unlikely place. Thomas Cantley joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss how his dog, Vader, helped him in the course of his illness.“He’s my emotional support,” said Cantley. “When I’m down, I have…

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  • Flight MH17 Victims Left Lasting Contributions to AIDS Advocacy

    These victims were on their way to the 20th International AIDS Conference, which took place last week in Melbourne, Australia, the International AIDS Society (IAS) has confirmed. Those lost include Dutch activists Lucie van Mens, who championed the female condom; Martine de Schutter, who worked on…
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    Medical Marvels: Double lung transplant

    Susan Koujak has a rare pulmonary vascular disease that caused both of her lungs to fail, so she turned to a team of doctors and nurses at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital for help.

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  • AstraZeneca to Pay Almirall Up to $2.1 Billion for Respiratory Drugs

    The British drug maker said it would initially pay $875 million for the rights to the drugs, and up to $1.22 billion more if development and sales milestones are met.

    The New York Times
  • The Surgeon General Seriously Wants You to Stop Tanning

    The United States surgeon general, in an unprecedented move, issued a call to action Tuesday for Americans to apply sun protection to prevent skin cancer. "We have to change the social norms about tanning... Tanned skin is damaged skin, and we need to shatter the myth that tanned skin is a sign of…

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  • 2x as Powerful as Glucosamine Plus Chondroitin

    Shocking 10 second joint relief trick that's twice as powerful as glucosamine plus chondroitin.

  • India's meth addiction grows as criminals tap chemical hub

    The teenager sits quietly in a Mumbai rehab clinic, a victim of India's emerging fad for the drug crystal meth, which experts say is spurred by loopholes in the country's giant chemical industry. While meth has long been a scourge across east and southeast Asia, staff at the rehab centre in…

  • These Wildly Successful People Will Prompt You To Rethink What It Means To Have A Mental Illness

    Approximately one in four American adults suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. This staggering statistic goes to show that mental illness can touch anyone -- from entrepreneurs to presidents to celebrities. Given the stigma attached to mental illness, despite its prevalence,…

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  • Fruit and veg: five-a-day is OK, says study

    British nutritionists threw down the gauntlet to dietary guidelines in April by declaring seven daily portions of fresh fruit and vegetables, rather than the recommended five, were the key to health. Every additional daily serving of fruit and vegetables reduced the average risk of premature death…

  • Reddick shifts over to center with Crisp, Gentry out

    HOUSTON The As temporary plan for center field now involves Josh Reddick seeing time at the position. Reddick made his first start in center since 2012 on Tuesday night against the Houston Astros, a development that came about, at least in part, because of Yoenis Cespedes preference to play left…

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  • Malaysia tries to parlay appeal to Muslim visitors into medical tourism push

    By Trinna Leong KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Muslim tourists have long chosen Malaysia, its beaches and its malls as a holiday destination thanks to cultural affinity. Now the Southeast Asian country, where Muslims make up about 60 percent of the population, wants to parlay its visitor dividend into a…

  • Role of the HR to Maintain a Safe Environment at the Workplace

    Workers spend a major part of their daily life, at least eight to ten hours of it, at their workplace. So, it is essential for them to get a safe and friendly working environment there. It not only helps the worker to be more committed to his job, but also contributes to the company’s overall...

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  • Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

    New Website Reveals How to Save $1,000's When You're Living Paycheck to Paycheck. See exactly how.

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