• Joan Rivers Being Taken Out of Coma: Details

    Doctors began to take Joan Rivers out of her coma on Sunday, Aug. 31, sources tell Us Weekly — get new details

    Us Weekly
  • Joan Rivers Being Brought Out of Coma

    A source tells ET that doctors have started the process of bringing Joan Rivers out of a medically induced coma. A source tells ET that doctors started the process of bringing Joan Rivers out of a medically induced coma yesterday. The Fashion Police judge, 81, was placed under a medically induced…

    ET Online
  • Programs Aim to Standardize Surgical Care for Children

    Surgeons have developed a new classification system for pediatric surgical centers according to the level of care they provide and hospitals are offering new programs to help demystify the risks and benefits ...

    The Wall Street Journal44 mins ago
  • Back to School and Healthier Foods

    When classes resume after summer vacation, so does nutritious eating, suggests a study. Elementary and high-school students consumed up to 30% more unhealthy foods, such as take-out french fries and pizza, ...

    The Wall Street Journal44 mins ago
  • For Pam Shriver, Children Put a New Spin on Tennis

    Pam Shriver's fiercest competitors used to be Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf. But these days, the former tennis player considers her 10-year-old son her toughest opponent.

    The Wall Street Journal44 mins ago
  • Citrus Park Endodontics Launches New Website to Better Serve Patients

    The newly redesigned website for Citrus Park Endodontics is helping patients get the care that they need quickly and simply with an easy-to-use interface and helpful information Tampa, FL / ACCESSWIRE ...

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    Joan Rivers Reportedly Brought Out Of Coma As Family Considers Lawsuit

    According to a report, Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa Rivers said on Sunday that she is keeping her "fingers crossed" for the comedian's full recovery, as doctors begin to bring her back from a medically induced coma. According to New York Daily News Melissa said, Rivers remains in "serious"…

  • Why anti-drug campaigns like DARE fail

    Plenty of adults remember DARE, the anti-drug education program used by schools since it launched in 1983. As the country moves toward relaxing its drug laws through marijuana legalization and other measures, education and rehabilitation programs will become the focus for public officials who want…
  • Denmark's Novo Nordisk launches Ryzodeg in Mexico

    COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Novo Nordisk (NOVOb.CO) has launched its type 2 diabetes treatment Ryzodeg in Mexico, a combination drug that could reap the company billions in revenues in years to come. Ryzodeg ...

  • Cyberonics device improves heart function after Boston flop

    A nerve stimulation device from Cyberonics improved cardiac function in heart failure patients in a small clinical trial, in contrast to an unsuccessful study backed by Boston Scientific. Both companies are trying to improve outcomes for patients with heart failure, in which the heart fails to pump…

  • Fiorentina announce Giuseppe Rossi will undergo more knee surgery

    The 27-year-old midfielder can't catch a break, as his knee fails him yet again.

    NBC Sports
  • How Will Millennials Face Their Parents' Aging? With Wearable Tech And Human Touch

    In the past year my wife and I have moved my father from Missouri to Colorado, acted as amateur health assistants and social workers, found him the resources he needed to live as safely and independently as possible, all while both of us were in the middle of balancing work [...]

  • Stop Paying Too Much For Your Prescriptions

    Most Americans don't know that prescription prices vary wildly from pharmacy to pharmacy. There's never been a way to compare drug prices .

  • The Ways to Avoid Feeling Off During Workouts

    How to explain feeling off while exercising? It's in how you eat, drink, sleep and think.

    The Wall Street Journal48 mins ago
  • Astra heart pill safe to use in ambulance but no extra benefit

    AstraZeneca's blood-thinning drug Brilinta is safe to use in the ambulance when heart attack patients are being rushed to hospital but giving it early in this way does not provide any extra benefit. Encouragingly, early use was not associated with excess bleeding, a potential problem with blood…

  • Early Hint At Cardiovascular Outcomes With Sanofi's and Regeneron's Rapidly Advancing Cholesterol Drug

    Amid a slew of new data demonstrating yet again that PCSK9 inhibitors lower LDL cholesterol-- drastically and in a wide variety of different patient populations-- data from one trial offers the first suggestion that the drugs may in fact improve cardiovascular outcomes. But the analysis, the…

  • Children Using e-Cigarettes Are More at Risk of Trying Cigarettes

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that e-cigarette use by teens is on the rise.

    Motley Fool
  • I'll beat alcohol, says troubled Gascoigne

    Troubled former England star Paul Gascoigne has told a British newspaper he will overcome his problems with alcoholism after recently being hospitalised following a drinking binge. I am an alcoholic so I am taking one day at a time, but I will get there," Gascoigne told the Sunday Mirror. He…

  • 16 Simple Things I Do Daily

    In no order, I do the following 16 simple things daily to improve my physical and mental health:1. Walk 10k steps. 2. Drink from a water fountain every time I see one.3. 100 sit ups. 4. Take stairs instead of elevator/escalator/moving walkway. 5. Take nutritional supplements, multivitamins and…

    Huffington Post