• Science just gave us another great reason to legalize pot

    We’ve learned about a couple of good medical benefits to marijuana this year and now it seems there’s another one: Using medicinal marijuana makes it less likely that you’ll become hooked on painkillers. CNN reports that a new study published this in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal finds that…

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  • Mother of newborn baby found in trash arrested

    KEARNS, Utah (AP) — A Utah woman accused of dumping her day-old baby in a neighbor's trash can told police she was afraid to tell her parents about the pregnancy and hoped the newborn's death would solve her problems, a probable cause statement shows.

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  • 10 Foods to Eat So You Never Have to Diet

    Garlic This herb does more than just give meals extra flavor and scent—it can also help keep your tummy flat through its naturally occurring chemical allicin, says registered dietitian andNutritious Life founder Keri Glassman. “Beans are unique in that they offer significant amounts of both fiber…

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  • 6 Eating Mistakes That Undo Your Workouts

    Training hard and not experiencing results is discouraging. Unfortunately, it occurs much too often. And the prime suspect is diet. You can follow the best training program on the planet,

  • Boy hurt in California quake: 'I should be dead'

    DAVIS, Calif. (AP) — Thirteen-year-old Nicholas Dillon's screams could be heard throughout his pitch black house when the earth shook and the falling bricks hit him. His mother, who later called it the worst night of her life, couldn't get to him.

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  • Travel with medications, medical devices can be daunting

    By Kathryn Doyle (This August 20th story has been refiled to correct gender of Dr. Bauer in paras 15, 16 and 18, and changes "county" to "country" in para 16.) NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - For international travelers who need to carry medical devices and medications with them, it’s not easy to find…

  • Raiders CB DJ Hayden to start season on PUP list

    Oakland Raiders cornerback DJ Hayden will miss at least the first six weeks of the season after being placed on the physically unable to perform list Tuesday with a stress fracture in his right foot. The move is the latest setback to Hayden since being drafted 12th overall in 2013 with general…

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  • You May Suffer From Sleep Drunkenness

    Photo: David Zach/ By Melissa Dahl / Follow @melissadahl Your alarm goes off on your phone, and instead of turning it off or hitting snooze, you pick it up and stupidly say, “Hello?” You are, to use the technical term, in the throes of sleep drunkenness, those first few confused minutes we…

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  • Robotic prostate removal tied to surgical changes, costs

    By Andrew M. Seaman NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – The introduction of robotic surgery for prostate cancer may have led to changes in the number of surgeons performing prostate removals and in the overall cost, according to a new study. With the technology being used more widely, fewer doctors are…

  • Kite Pharma Drug Fares Well in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Study

    Kite Pharma, Inc. (KITE) announced the publication of positive results from an ongoing phase I-IIa study on KTE-C19 for aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

  • The ABCs of COPD

    About six years ago, Barbara Hinkle, 67, of La Mesa, California, learned she had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Her COPD flare-ups grew increasingly frequent and severe, and in February she had a frightening episode. COPD is a catch-all term for bronchitis, emphysema and in some cases,…

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  • Teens with Depression Benefit from 'Collaborative Care'

    For teenagers with depression, finding and sticking with an effective treatment strategy can be an uphill battle. Their families often struggle to find a professional who can treat depression in adolescents, is accepting new patients and is covered by their insurance. "Right now, we don't do a very…
  • Twitter helps Chicago find sources of food poisoning

    By Shereen Lehman NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – When Chicago health officials saw Twitter users complaining about local food poisoning episodes, they reached out on Twitter to those users and often ended up charging the restaurant in question with a violation. “We know that the majority of cases of…

  • This App Could Help Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits

    There are numerous apps out there to help adults track their food consumption and lose weight, but what about an app that helps children develop healthier eating habits?Joanna Struber joined HuffPost Life host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss the kid-friendly food tracking app she founded,…

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  • Allergy Cards Help Spread Word About Children's Health Risks

    Aside from assuring parents that caretakers are informed as a new school year begins, the burden eases on children to have to detail the information

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  • Obamacare doesn't poll well. So why is an Arkansas senator running on it?

    People who follow health policy closely know this — and so do politicians, as ads airing in advance of the 2014 midterms are showing. Arkansas's Democratic senator Mark Pryor attracted attention last week for airing a political ad where he obliquely claimed responsibility for some legislation that…
  • #WEmatter and We Demand Change

    For too long the needs of women and families have been dismissed by our elected officials, as if women, who make up more than 50 percent of the population, are a special interest group seeking special treatment. It is way past time Congress understood that our issues are not an afterthought but are…

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