• Walking in Nature May Reduce Negativity

    Researchers found that the 19 people in the study who took 90-minute walks in a natural setting had lower levels of negative, repetitive thoughts about themselves, compared with another 19 people who took 90-minute walks in an urban setting. Previous research has linked such thoughts, called…
  • L.A. billionaire's healthcare firm NantHealth moves closer to an IPO

    Southern California billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong said he plans to offer shares in his healthcare company to the public by the end of this year – fueled by a big investment from an electronic medical ...

    Los Angeles Times
  • How many people are killed by asbestos? It's more difficult to track than you think.

    What impact does asbestos have in the US today? Most asbestos exposure occurs when the material is disturbed during construction work in buildings, causing fibers to become airborne and inhaled — a particularly dramatic example of this happened after the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings…
  • Supreme Court blocks restrictive Texas abortion-clinic rules

    10 abortion clinics in Texas will keep their doors open following a 5-4 SCOTUS ruling.

    Yahoo Politics
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    Avril Lavigne Describes Nightmare Experience with Lyme Disease

    Pop singer talks about her struggle to get a diagnosis for the illness that put her life and world tour on hold.

    ABC News Videos
  • Methodology of Unequal Risk investigation

    How we analyzed workplace chemical exposures and, with an expert, estimated cancer risks

    Center for Public Integrity
  • Is Medicaid Denying a Life-Saving Cure Based on Cost?

    A new study has found that the majority of state-run Medicaid programs are creating formidable barriers to patients with the potentially deadly Hepatitis C virus from being treated with new wonder drugs that can cost as much as $1,000 a pill. The joint study by researchers from Harvard Law School,…

    The Fiscal Times
  • Men and Women May Process Pain Differently, Study Says

    Until now, prevailing medical theory said men and women process pain the same way. Immune cells called microglia transmit signals from an injury site through the nervous system, telling our brains just how much a stubbed toe or pinched nerve should hurt.Now, a team of researchers from McGill…

    Huffington Post
  • Understanding short-term health policies

    After leaving a full-time job in Northern California earlier this year, Christine Morrison is without work-based health insurance for the first time since the age of 18.

    Los Angeles Times
  • Never lose touch with what matters.

    Discover the storage that’s right for you

  • U.S. seeks up to $3.35 billion in Novartis kickback lawsuit

    The United States says Novartis AG (NOVN.VX) should pay as much as $3.35 billion in damages and civil fines because the Swiss drugmaker used kickbacks to boost sales of two drugs covered by Medicare and Medicaid. In papers filed Monday night in Manhattan federal court, the government said it…

  • These Restaurants Work Extra Hard to Cater to Diners with Allergies

    There are food allergies, food intolerances and just plain old food preferences. While diners with allergies aren't anything new, more and more restaurants are taking special care to make sure these diners are accommodated. The menus may have special identifiers to indicate the dish can be made…

    Eater DC
  • How Antibiotics Can Change Your Body (for the Worse)

    Antibiotic resistance is one thing — but new research says it’s not the only worry when it comes to popping pills.

    Yahoo Health
  • Supreme Court allows controversial lethal injection drug

    The US Supreme Court upheld the use of a drug linked to botched executions Monday, saying it did not violate a constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Justices ruled 5-4 in the case Glossip v. Gross, defending a lower court decision against four Oklahoma prisoners on death row who…

    Christian Science Monitor
  • Why Cannabis Labs Make for Compelling Investments

    SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2015 / Marijuana lab testing revenue could reach $850 million by 2020, according to a new report by GreenWave Advisors , an independent investment research and advisory ...

  • Evangeline Lilly Is Pregnant! 'Ant-Man' Star Debuts Baby Bump at Premiere

    Evangeline Lilly is pregnant with her second child! The 35-year-old Hobbit actress debuted her sizable baby bump on the red carpet at the premiere of her hotly anticipated Marvel superhero film Ant-Man on Monday night. Getty Images WATCH: They're Having a Baby! 6 Best Pregnancy Announcements of…

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    Why Walking And Weight Loss Go Hand In Hand

    Ashley has tips on the proper technique to maximize your walking workout.

    Scripps Ulive
  • Experts: California vaccine bill would prevent new outbreaks

    If California's strict school vaccine bill becomes law, experts believe it could help prevent another outbreak like the one that occurred at Disneyland. The bill was introduced after a measles outbreak ...

    Associated Press
  • Stay Fit While Traveling: California Edition

    By College Tourist; Author: Ashley Ulbrich, University of Central FloridaHow to stay healthy when you're not at homeWhile traveling, it is often difficult to stay in the normal routine of fitness and health. Some cities and rural areas can be more challenging because of the lack of workout studios,…

    Huffington Post
  • Mediocre Drugs Raise Costs for All

    Regarding your editorial “Is the FDA Sexist?” (June 17): Today I saw a patient who recently paid over $200 for the six 100 mg Viagra tablets approved by his insurance. He wanted another prescription but ...

    The Wall Street Journal
  • Best Bites from the 2015 Fancy Food Show

    Each June, hordes of specialty food marketers descend upon New York City hawking their gourmet cheeses, confections, condiments, snacks, frozen novelties, meats and beverages at the Specialty Food Association's annual Fancy Food Show. It was dee-licious, and a totally breakfast-worthy substitute…

    U.S.News & World Report