• Study: Smelling farts is good for your health

    The next time someone at your office lets out a "silent but deadly" emission, maybe you should thank them. A new study at the University of Exeter suggests that exposure to hydrogen sulfide — a.k.a. what your body produces as bacteria breaks down food, causing gas — could prevent mitochondria…

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  • 8 Things Middle-Aged Women Think About Far More Than Whether They're Still F*ckable by Middle-Aged Men

    We think about our friends and how much we love them. If we have children, we care about getting them grown. We care about our parents and how they are aging. We wonder about our partners. If they will live as long as we do. Women don't worry about being f*ckable.

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  • 10 Coolest Cars Under $25,000

    You don't have to spend a fortune to ride in style. We list this year's cars that are sure to make your friends jealous of your cool factor.

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  • CDC Closes Labs After Accidents With Flu, Anthrax Samples

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ordered a moratorium on shipping samples from its high-security labs and said it would review safety procedures after two accidents with anthrax and flu samples....

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  • Major League Baseball roundup

    (The Sports Xchange) - Japanese pitching sensation Masahiro Tanaka apologized Friday to the New York Yankees, his teammates and fans for being sidelined by a partially torn ligament in his right elbow. Tanaka, who was placed on the disabled list Wednesday, will initially attempt non-surgical…

  • 911 tapes depict response to collapse of vet

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Newly released emergency dispatch tapes reveal further details about efforts to revive a Vietnam veteran who collapsed with a heart attack in a Veterans Affairs hospital in Albuquerque.

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  • FDA weighs cancer risk of fibroid removal devices

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal health advisers say there is little to no evidence that a popular technique for removing fibroids can be performed without the risk of spreading undetected cancers to other parts of the body.

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    Lone survivor of deadly attack on Spring family released from hospital

    Hospital officials say 15-year-old Cassidy Stay, the lone survivor of a cold-blooded attack that killed both her parents and her four younger siblings earlier this week, has been released from the hospital, and she's expected to make a full recovery

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  • Roche Collaborates with Merck KGaA

    Roche's (RHHBY) Ventana Medical Systems announced that it has entered into an agreement with Germany-based Merck KGaA.

  • The Smart Way to Pay Off Your Mortgage

    If you own a home and pay for a mortgage, you could reduce your payments by as much as $3,000 a year. Here is how it works.

  • U.S. senators ask Gilead Sciences to explain high cost of hepatitis C drug

    Two U.S. senators asked Gilead Sciences Inc. to produce documents explaining why its new hepatitis C drug is priced at $84,000, raising renewed concerns over the high costs to taxpayers.

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  • ACLU Seeks To Challenge Law Targeting Pregnant Drug Addicts

    Mallory Loyola, 26, is sitting in a Tennessee jail on charges of assault because her newborn daughter tested positive for methamphetamine. The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee is offering to help with Loyola's criminal defense. But the group is also seeking the right plaintiff -- a…

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  • How UnitedHealth Can Impress Next Quarter

    Will UnitedHealth continue its path to greatness, or will management's over-cautious approach to the healthcare reform derail its future performance?

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  • Ex-Knick Ticky Burden has rare heart disease

    Former New York Knicks guard Luther ''Ticky'' Burden has a rare heart disease and is being treated at a Manhattan hospital. The 61-year-old Burden has ATTR amyloidosis, a disease that causes the body's immune system to produce abnormal forms of antibodies. ''He's been ravaged,'' Dr. Mathew Maurer,…

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  • Lawmakers seek lower price for bill on vets' care

    Stung by sticker shock, members of Congress are scrambling to lower the cost of a bill to fix veterans' health care amid a growing uproar over long waits for appointments and falsification of records to ...

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  • How Cynicism May Be Costing Your Health

    By Bahar Gholipour, Staff Writer Published: 07/11/2014 11:37 AM EDT on LiveScience Middle-age and older people who are highly stressed, have depression or who are perhaps even just cynical may be at increased risk of stroke, according to new research. In the study, more than 6,700 healthy adults…

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  • $0 Down Home Loan For Veterans- See if you Qualify

    Veterans can qualify for $0 Down with the VA Home Loan Benefit. Competitive rates. No private mortgage insurance required. Prequalify online in 2 mins

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  • Arena Pharmaceuticals-Eisai Boost Obesity Drug Sales Force

    Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA) announced that partner Eisai Inc. (ESALY) has increased the sales force of Belviq.

  • Flashcard: Vegan

    They avoid meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, and other dairy products. For anyone choosing a vegan diet, that leaves vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, nuts, legumes, grains and seeds, vegetable oils, tofu, and meat substitutes made from soy, wheat gluten, and the like. Many vegans adopt the…
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    5 Simple Tests Can Help Determine Your Risk For Serious Conditions

     A number of tests you can do at home can signal serious illness, from a risk of dementia to a risk of disability. CBS 2's Alice Gainer reports.

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  • Smith & Nephew Ink Robotic Surgical Deal with Blue Belt Tech

    Smith & Nephew's (SNN) JOURNEY UNI partial implant provides an advanced alternative to total knee replacement for patients who have a portion of their knees damaged due to osteoarthritis.

  • More than half of rugby tournament players lost time from injuries

    By Ronnie Cohen NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Nearly 55 percent of rugby players were sidelined by injuries during a 2012 international tournament, according to a new report. Researchers at the University of Cape Town studied 152 players from five South African teams competing in the annual…

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    How Pierce Brosnan's Personal Loss Helped His Role in 'A Long Way Down'

    Pierce Brosnan and Toni Collette star in "A Long Way Down," in theaters on Friday. The film is about strangers who make their way to the top of a high-rise office building, intending to jump off. The theme hits close to home for Pierce, who is still healing from the loss of his wife, Cassandra…

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