• The Valerie Harper Cancer Confusion Explained

    Fans of "Rhoda" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" rejoiced Wednesday when Valerie Harper announced that she was "cancer-free" in Closer magazine. Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived.

    Yahoo Celebrity
  • Colorado Pot Shops Raided By The Feds May Be Shut For Good

    Four Denver-area medical marijuana businesses may be permanently shuttered after federal officials reportedly probing links with Colombian drug cartels raided the shops in November. The raid on the four interconnected companies came during a search of more than a dozen medical marijuana businesses…

    Huffington Post
  • Comparison Of The Best Travel Credit Cards of 2014

    If you travel frequently, an airline or travel credit card can help save you money. We've researched the best travel credit cards to help you travel.

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  • JWoww Talks Pregnancy at Six Months: "Pregnancy and Me Don't Mix"

    JWoww wrote about her experience with her pregnancy at the six month-mark, saying, "pregnancy and me don't mix"

    Us Weekly
  • Possible Mars Mission 'Showstopper': Vision Risks for Astronauts

    Mars may possess a stark and austere beauty, but a manned Red Planet mission will likely not be easy on the eyes. Recently, scientists have begun realizing that spaceflight can cause serious and perhaps permanent vision problems in astronauts. NASA researchers are working hard to understand the…
  • 5 Health Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

    The Affordable Care Act brought health insurance to the forefront of the public's collective consciousness, but that doesn't mean we're necessarily any smarter about how we use our policies. Everyone who has health insurance, whether it's from a private or government marketplace, should take care…

    U.S.News & World Report LP
  • Wednesday’s Top Health Care Stories: Zogenix, Endo, and Teva

    Zogenix, Endo, and Teva could make waves across the health sector this Wednesday morning.

    Motley Fool
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    Vince Gets His Morning Workout At Life Fitness

    He's ready to run, but he won't necessarily go far. Life Fitness makes tens of thousands of treadmills and other workout equipment here in Franklin Park, and CBS 's Vince Gerasole is staying in shape by touring the facility.

    CBS Local
  • The revised Census just so happens to hide ObamaCare stats

    Every year the Census Bureau conducts a survey, and every year it includes health care questions. But The New York Times reports that the questions about health care coverage this year have been revised so drastically that it will be impossible to compare data from years before the implementation…

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  • Access A Detailed Report on Anyone in Seconds

    Did you know that public records are now posted online and you can see anyone's record online? View marriages, licenses, bankruptcies, and much more.

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  • Tauriga Sciences Is Poised To Establish Itself In The Marijuana Industry (Part One)

    After an “unusual series of problems,” Tauriga Sciences (OTC: TAUG ) was able to “reinvent themselves” with the help of newly-appointed CEO Dr. Stella Sung. When an exclusive license agreement went wrong, ...

  • J&J beats forecasts as sales of new drugs shine

    J&J on Tuesday said it earned $4.73 billion, or $1.64 per share, in the first quarter. "Strong pharmaceuticals results showcased a very strong 2014 start for J&J," said Morningstar analyst Damien Conover, referring to sales growth of almost 11 percent for prescription medicines in the quarter. He…

  • Denver's 420 Marijuana Festival Reportedly Creates Tourism Windfall

    There are a lot of explanations for the stoner term, “420.” Some people say it represents 4:20 p.m., the time immediately after classes when a group of California high school students in the 1970s used ...

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    How Spaulding Doctors Helped Bombing Survivors Walk Again

    Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital opened just days after the Boston Marathon bombing. Bill Shields reports.

    CBS Local
  • Dynavax Starts Phase III Study on Heplisav-B

    Dynavax Technologies commenced a new phase III study (HBV-23) on its hepatitis B vaccine candidate, Heplisav-B

  • How Two Companies Accidentally Committed Anti-Vaccine PR Blunders

    As preventable outbreaks rise, businesses need to inoculate themselves against anti-vaccine PR blunders.

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  • Virginia Mortgage Rates as Low as 2.78% APR

    Initial rates as low as 2.75% (2.78% APR) on 5/1 ARM. Get a great rate and start saving today. Calculate your payment.

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  • Smartphone apps to help patients take their meds

    Several smartphone apps are available to help patients take their medications as prescribed. Here's a sampling of several free apps, noting some of their special features: 1. MedCoach. Includes feature ...

    Associated Press
  • Go High Tech With Fitness!

    And, experts estimate in the next three years, consumers will be using more than 250 million such devices. That's a lot of data tallying up our workout routines. These devices allow consumers to become part of like-minded community which promotes a healthy lifestyle through camaraderie and…

    Access Hollywood
  • Are Long Commutes Killing Your Employee Productivity?

    To get the most out of your employees, it is important that they are put into a position where they can do their job to the best of their ability. For some employees this means being supplied with the correct equipment, and for other employees this means being given appropriate training, but all…

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  • Dangers of Vaccine Hesitancy Explained in 10 Tweets

    By Dr. Alok Patel, ABC News Medical Unit Parental decisions are the bedrock of childhood vaccination rates. While most parents turn to their pediatricians for help making decisions about immunization there’s also a lot of conflicting information for them to sift through. Worry over whether...

    ABC News
  • Common Lifting Accessories and What They Do For You

    You have a decent idea of what all those funky looking bars are meant for in your gym. But that barrel of chalk? Or that PVC pipe? And what about that

  • National event urges Americans to plan for the end

    National Health Care Decisions Day, marked on this date for the seventh year, is one in which patients and health providers are encouraged to think about their own end-of-life preferences. The man behind it, health care attorney Nathan Kottkamp, says such considerations have never been more…

  • The Best Way to Pay Off Car Insurance Faster

    Currently insured drivers who drive less than 35 miles per day are eligible for extremely cheap car insurance. Here is how it works.

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